IBM touts middleware for 'info management'

IBM has released a slew of new products intended to underscore its commitment to 'information management'. Big Blue released version 8.4 of its Enterprise Content Management product at the Information on Demand 2007 conference in Las Vegas this week, and previewed IBM Data Studio and Master Data Management Server.

Data Studio is a free, Eclipse-based tool that manages data lifecycles. Available for download by the end of this month, the software promises improved development times by automating the design, development and deployment of information. Master Data Management Server essentially acts as a data integration tool, allowing customers to manage all data from a single point, regardless of the database in which the information is stored or the department that owns the information.

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well i care

i think this is interesting and as this is a technology website, it is a valid new post!

imo, neowin has degenerated over the past few years into somewhere that is only really interested in having the latest beta product or shouting about PS3 vs XBOX360

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