If Not Vista Enterprise, Then What?

Microsoft's Vista Enterprise licensing changes mean some businesses will adopt something else. Could it be Linux? The answer is surprising. Microsoft made radical changes to Windows licensing with Vista. Businesses could buy earlier versions on new PCs or through volume licensing. The majority of businesses choose to buy through OEMs, which accounts for more than 80 percent of Windows client revenue.

With Vista, the Enterprise version can only be purchased through volume licensing and Software Assurance, which adds the price plus X to the software's cost. The potential cost increase is significant. On top of the license cost, "You'll pay at least $90 for SA on Vista for three years, plus you have to upgrade Vista Business on new machines to Enterprise edition, which takes extra time and money," said Paul DeGroot, lead desktop strategies analyst for Directions on Microsoft.

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are you saying you HAVE to buy SA

why would anyone buy SA when a new version won't be available till after 3 years, hence voiding the SA.

still i don't get how volume licensing is more expensive than oem, not sure on vista but i know XP i got volume licenses for about 50 bucks each oem for $190, try buying retails versions and see how much more you pay not sure the prices for vista but how can you say it is so much more expensive without telling us the costs involved

I'm not greatly impressed with Vista/WS2008 and won't be upgrading any time soon. But since Office 2007 installs and works fine on WXP/WS2003, I've upgraded all my boxes and am happy I did.

We always purchase systems with Oems including Office for all our clients...imho the Sa and volume licensing is just a way of MS squeezing yet more £ out of companies.....after 3 years the dell boxes are retired and replaced with new units.....it doesnt make financial sense for desktops or servers to go SA for us. We have no intention to move to Vista until such time that either a) We cannot get hold of OEM XP/Office 2k3 and b) MS pulls the Vista/Office 2k7 downgrade rights to Office 2k3 and XP

the Industry i work in IT for is so heavily regulated by various bodies including the FDA and require Validation of Hardware & software that to go SA and replacement programs would amount to way more work than the department could handle (never mind retraining our staff to Office 2k7/Vista on top of all the other issues including Pre SP1 "issues").

Playing beta testers for MS and paying handsomely for the right is comical.

16 servers (blades) and 145 workstations.

The argument is over the "consumer" version of Vista Business vs the Enterprise version that is centrally managed and all that. It's not really an upgrade so much as it is a cross grade in order to fit into the central management and deployment system that they have today.