India Nearly Doubles Mobile Phone Use in 2006

According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) in Delhi, India went from 75.94 million (end of December 2005) to 149.5 million (December 2006) mobile subscribers. In other words the Indian market gained over 74 million new customers, a 97% increase. The boom is thanks to mobile service operators cutting down the average revenue per user (ARPU) – plans for e-mail and music downloads will get the ARPU back up.

As in many countries with an expanding mobile telephone market, the "fixed-line" telephone market has dropped over the year 2006: from 48.84 million to 40.43 million. The Indian government is aiming to break the 500 million telephone mark by 2010. It is fairly obvious that the majority of this number will be mobile phones.

It is no wonder that foreign mobile telephone operators (which hold 74% of the market) and wireless equipment vendors are so keen on expanding their businesses to the Asian country. Although the Indian government has relaxed rules for foreign businesses, it is strongly promoting local manufacturing in India in order to compensate the hardships semi-skilled workers are going through.

News source: InfoWorld

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Ten out of those 74 million were mine

The sim cards over here in India are pretty cheap, specially the Pre-Paid ones. And before the Govt. tightened the norms for allotting a sim card, you could get a new card in 5 mins flat.

I used many use and throw cards, 15 day packs. Even otherwise, to utilise the best of all the networks, i used 2 3 sims most of the time at different times of the day!!!

And with the slashing of prices by Reliance Infocomm., having a mobile is no big deal at all!!

the call rate in india is soooooo less when compared with the UK mobile rates. you can make a call for less than 2 pence a min that is less than 4/100 of dollar ( i dont know the least denomination in $ ).

international calling rates to major destinations are also very cheap through the mobile networks. its 5 Rs to 10 Rs which is equivalent to 6 to 12 pence (UK currency).

i donno why UK and US, being so advanced, have high rates. atleast US has free calling plans in weekends and evenings but EU is very much costly

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