Inside Microsoft's home of the future [Video]

We have seen pictures of Microsoft's home of the future concept previously but this time the BBC has recorded a tour of the unit based at Microsoft's HQ in Redmond.

The video demonstrates speech and object recognition software that Microsoft is currently working on in its research divisions.

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Some of it's useful, though I think the mirror is kinda overkill. The OLED wallpaper is nice (could double as a TV screen) but even though it'd be cool to be immersed, it's also will take up some energy costs.

all home bathrooms cater to the female's needs. i want a stall!!! that's advanced enough as it is, but how many american homes have these?

Two months ago I went to Disneyland california. In tomorrowland - carousel of progress you can see a lot of these new technologies for yourself. The attraction has been revamped with Microsoft surface tables, the whole kitchen stuff and more of what you see in this video.

Yea I heard Disneyland has Microsoft Surface. I wanna use the Surface soo badly but none of the stores around me have it yet! So was the Surface awesome???

The strange thing about criticisms here is that we should be seeing this in terms of an alpha product. This is nothing more than putting the rough elements together and making it work. Very little refinement has taken place, and there's a lot of potential for adapting to new technologies and materials over the coming decades that would suit these products. This is Microsoft saying "See what the home can do," and now architecture and design can take these ideas and innovate new ways of building homes. It's the groundwork for massive cross-industry brainstorming.

Yea, no Apple comments yet, lol. But honestly, Apple's not a big enough company to work on all of these projects that Microsoft does. Look at everything Microsoft does and compare that to Apple.

Wow i want that house lol
As for the energy concerns, yeah would be expensive to run, but tbh if a house like that existed im pretty sure it would solar panels in the very least on the roof. and within say no more than 50 years there will be (hopefully) fusion power so probably by the time these things start to come in, we wont be too energy concious about them
I could possibly see these kinda thing in 10-20 years, or at least starting to come in then

What would be cool is if you could stand in front of it and virtually "try on" outfits. Like it places a virtual version of your clothing over you on the mirror so you can quickly see how that outfit will look without having to bother with putting it on yourself.

I'd love a house like this but only if it was truly customizable. In the sense that you could adapt things to your specific needs.
It's good to see things like this in the research and development phase, this is how modern technology evolves and we should embrace it. Yes it may well be way out of most peoples price range (certainly mine!) but this will not be forever, remember how expensive PCs originally were?

As for the energy needed, there is no reason why such advanced technology couldn't be developed to be 'greener' than today's everyday technology, working with solar, wind, hydro equipment to ensure greater efficiency.

Solar's not really that efficient right now. We can't really sucessfully harness the sun's energy yet. But we should be able to develop our "green" act sometime soon.

Precisely my point!
Innovation leads to better use of today's equipment, moving it further along it's development cycle. Today solar isn't that efficient (although it is my parents only means of power in the Spanish mountains and they're doing alright) but further down the line it may be a whole more viable option.

I remember reading about the smart fridge something like 10 years ago that we were all meant to have in our homes by 2005!

Then, way back in 2005 Microsoft said that within a few years we would have technology enabling "the mirror on the bedroom wall becomes a monitor, allowing you to watch a film, browse the web - or turn up the heating and open the blinds."

I wait years for all this cool technology and it never comes! I can't even get my lights to turn on and off automatically without working out how to program X10 modules...

None of this stuff will ever happen!

That is absolutely freaking awesome.. i would love a house like that.

The wallpaper i wouldn't have though =/ I don't think people that are complaining on this thread understand you could just not buy the feature you don't like xD

Sod the price!

It's highly unlikely this will be in everyone's home within 10 years, given the current state of the economy and that no-one really needs it! And it WILL be horrendously expensive - to buy and to run.

If you think that is expansive you should check to see prices on kitchens, marble, bathrooms decorations, etc.

Standalone it might seem expensive, but put it in a new house, in a major development areas like Las Vegas or Phoenix and the price doesn't seem so high anymore.

Lilrichie said,
I once had a simillar idea for resteraunts with creditcard recognistion. I knew i should of done something sooner.

What? You mean on tables? You mean like Microsoft Surface? :P

Interesting, but flawed:
- I don't want 6 wallpaper-projectors per room in my house, and 6 digit electricity bills.
- Some piece of software telling you what to wear? Aka Microsoft sense of style replaces yours. No thanks.
- Microsoft won't get my mom to shout at the kitchen table for recipes.
The phone-table has potential though. It might greatly extend tiny mobile's functionnalities.

They should be factoring costs into their research. I doubt cost effectiveness and efficiency is something they would overlook. Also it wasn't designed for every room. I don't tend to throw things at my bathroom wall, for example. But out of the different application options, this was the least useful to me.

You know you don't have to listen to the mirror? It's not forcing you what to wear anyway. It lets you look through the different combinations, allowing you to choose more easily. Suggestions of clothing options would probably be based on your input (i.e. previous outfit combinations) or customisable simple "tags", such as colour or occasion.

In what way is the 3rd point a flaw? Is it that she would need to shout or is it because (you think) she doesn't need to look at recipes? The woman in the video was hardly shouting. I think the kitchen table application would be a very useful tool. A nice addition would be if the surface was able to tell you the weight of the items placed on it.

I think your flaws are flawed. Not that this technology has no flaws; I just don't think they're the ones you've mentioned (apart from cost, maybe). Someone "hacking into my house" would be of bigger concern to me.

mikefarinha said,
The only reason energy is getting more and more expensive is because governments want to increase the price.

I hope you simply forgot your /sarcasm tag. Im an electrical engineer working for a state owned electricity company and while i admit the state has a lot to do with prices being high (inefficiency) its not nearly as significant as the simple fact that is there MORE PEOPLE using MORE ELECTRICITY and the cost of coal (which accounts for the major source of most nations electricity) is getting more expensive due to demand on it too. Governments may seem like magical all powerful and corrupt organizations behind all your personal grievances, but quite often the simplest solution is the right one :P