Intel dropping the McAfee brand for consumer products

Intel has started dropping the McAfee brand name from its consumer security products and will be using the "Intel Security" moniker instead.

McAfee, the iconic security software company of the 80s and 90s was acquired by Intel in 2010. However, until now Intel did not make any changes to the McAfee brand which was synonymous with security for most users who used it for decades. Now, in light of recent antics of McAfee's founder John McAfee, the brand seems to have taken a hit and Intel is cautiously moving away from the name as observed from the company's keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014, last night.

The rebranding which is expected to complete over the next year, will cover McAfee's consumer security suite "McAfee Security" which will now be known as "Intel Security" but will continue to have the famous "shield" logo. The software will still remain unchanged and will be developed for more platforms in the future. Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich, announced that, "Intel is bringing its award-winning mobile security to every mobile device, phones, tablets, wearables." Intel is planning to introduce Intel Device Protection app for mobile devices later this year, aimed at protecting people using those devices at work.

Intel is yet to officially announce the phase-out but in response to CNET's request for a comment, an executive for the company has revealed that there will be more to share in the coming months.

Source: CNET | Image via MaximumPC

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Steven P. said,
Malware and viruses are more of a resource hog

I admit I haven't used a McAfee or Norton product in the last decade, but the reason I stopped was because I had started classifying both as malware. Indeed, their very installation would immediately nullify the money spent on purchasing the latest and greatest hardware.

I also catagorize McAfee and Norton as malware. From my understanding/experience ESET and Kapersky are some of the best you can get. I am testing Avast right now as well and its pretty good so it seems.

Sadly, lots of people get away with murder, literally. Plus all it takes to white-wash your name is a combination of money, power, PR, time etc.

This is the worst bit "The software will still remain unchanged".
Seriously it needs revamping from top to bottom a bit like Symantec did, if McAfee didn`t pay so much to OEM`s to have their software installed as default then i doubt it would be on anywhere near as many pc`s, especially home. I know it`s pretty big in the business space with complete endpoint but there are much better alternatives...
Wonder if John will do a vid about this

I hope Intel stops letting companies include that little box where "you must opt out" when installing some software. People just don't look twice at installations and they get stuck with it.

Are they going to keep the M in the shield logo? Seems odd if they would if they are dropping the McAfee name like that. *shrug*

I figured it was only a matter of time before they dropped the "McAffee" brand. But the new name isn't exactly good for the "Intel" brand.

I love that video on YouTube he did about how to remove the software lol.

When I first started using computers many, many moons ago, I used McAfee and it was OK back then as far as I remember. I also remember (being naïve or stupid...?) downloading some viruses (or virii or whatever you want to call them) to test the product out. I was pretty chuffed that it caught every one of them before they even finished downloading lol.

Must've been back in Win 95 or '98 days.

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