Intel Preps Dual-Core Celeron Microprocessors

Multi-core chips are sweeping the processor market and single cores are becoming harder and harder to find. This trend is about to go through the roof while prices plummet to the basement.

With affordability as the main factor in mind, Intel Corporation plans to release dual-core Intel Celeron microprocessors in the first quarter of next year. Intel's Celeron E1000 dual-core processors are set to be made using 65nm process technology and are projected to fit into 65W thermal design power envelope. The new CPUs will be drop-in compatible with all platforms that support code-named Conroe processors. Intel plans to describe the new Intel Celeron dual-core processor as delivering "entry multi-tasking experience for value-conscious customers."

The first Intel Celeron E1200 dual-core processor working at 1.60GHz, utilizing 800MHz processor system bus and featuring 512KB of unified secondary-level cache will emerge in the first quarter of 2008 to target cost-effective desktops. Later during the year Intel plans to add more chips into the Intel Celeron E1000 dual-core lineup, creating a comprehensive family of affordable chips with two processing engines.

News source: Xbit Laboratories

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I was gonna go with an E6400 C2D but now looks like I'll be getting one of these for an even better $/performance ratio.

so this its lower than thos pentium dual core. still based on allendale not bad very good performance and cheap price

Whats wrong with these new celerons? The current ones are just single core core 2 duos ,which as we know are fantastic, with reduced cache for a ridiculosly low price. Adding an extra core can only make things better. Theres a massive market out there for people who just want cheap computers for internet and office.

300a was actually produced if I recall. The other celrons are just by products of there big brothers if im not mistaken. So it would make sence it would take some time before they have a small stockpile starting. But i would never buy a celron. But knowing they disable stuff it sure seems that with a little extra heat celrons start acting up and I would assume again, that could be from a jumper wire of some sort.

they need to wipe the slate, with 50 million different processors available, no wonder nobody knows anything about computers!