Intel starts shipping new, low power Haswell processors

In July, Intel confirmed it was working on a version of its fourth generation Core processors, code named Haswell, that were being designed to conserve energy more compared to normal Core chips. Today, PCWorld reports that those processors have begun to be shipped to OEMs.

The report says that the new processors will be sold under the Core i3 branding, with one of the chips, the dual-core Core i3-4012Y, capable of using just 4.5 watts of power when placed in a tablet. The chip has a clock speed of 1.5GHz. Two more new dual-core Haswell chips, the 1.5GHz Core i3-4020Y and the 1.3GHz Core i3-4010Y, use about 6 watts of power each.

The new chips have been designed and made to be installed inside upcoming fanless tablets along with new laptop-tablet hybrids. They are supposed to use up to 50 percent less energy than normal Core chips, which launched earlier this summer. They likely will find themselves inside a number of new Windows 8.1 tablets, hybrids and notebooks. Intel is also working on new low performance, and low power, Atom chips with the Bay Trail design that will be put inside some Windows 8.1 tablets later this year.

Source: PCWorld | Image via Intel

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Raa said,
Looking good! These are going in the Surface 2, yes?
I'm excited

The Pro should still be an i5 not one of these i3s. Either way they're talking about 7hrs+ for battery life, toss in a power cover later and you could have a Surface Pro 2 that lasts 10-12hrs depending on how much extra the power cover gives you.

They have been shipping since 9/1, I believe.
I just ordered one myself for a brand-new PC build last Saturday from NewEgg - $319 if I remember correctly.

Chikairo said,
Oh goodness, I would happily buy a tablet with this rather than those horrific Atom chips.

The Bay Trail Atom is actually pretty fast.

I've heard the new Atoms are nice as well. I've used an Elitepad with an Atom and it ran great.

We I don't want to see it them calling them i3's, but having the performance of an Atom.