Intel to release Celeron E1000 on January 20th

Intel will release its first desktop dual-core Celeron series, E1000, on January 20, according to sources at motherboard makers. The first dual-core Celeron processor, the E1200, will have core frequency of 1.6GHz, 800MHz FSB and 512KB L2 cache with a price of US$53 in thousand-unit quantities.

On the same day, Intel will also launch three quad-core (Yorkfield) CPUs, the Q9300, Q9450 and Q9550 and another four dual-core (Wolfdale) CPUs, the E8190, E8200, E8400 and E8500 for desktops, the motherboard makers added.

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ITT elitists ???


How about people that want a computer to do more than play Solitaire --

If that makes me an "elitist" then so be it --

P.S. Now you can get your castle out of my sandbox

ITT elitists who still think today's Celerons cannot perform better than the very first ones that were released with no cache back in the slot 1 days.

The truth is that Intel will sell more celeron cpu's then C2D because the average joe's buying a desktop or laptop won't really know the difference.

PS: $53 is dirt cheap for a dual core cpu.

If you want to be cheap, just get a Pentium Dual Core. It has very decent performance for it's price range, and can be overclocked like crazy (1.6->~2.2 just by setting FSB to 1066, even ASRock/ECS boards can do this without issue! )

'Celeron' is a brand name Intel should have killed with the launch of the Core 2 Duo Range.

To me Celeron will always always be synonymous with 'Terrible'

Not cheap enough for me. A dual core Celly at about 90 bucks is in my range. Of course I'd have to work on getting the mobo at a later date, lol.