International Windows 8 TV ads launched

Microsoft launched its North American TV commercial for Windows 8 earlier this month. Today, the company announced its global marketing campaign for its next OS, including the debut of new TV commercials made for markets around the world. Overall, 42 countries will be part of the Windows 8 marketing push.

The Blogging Microsoft site has the details of the campaigns, which were handle by various advertising agencies around the world. One of the TV spots was made specifically for Asian countries and territories, focusing on a man who likes to do parkour and shows off his smooth moves via videos on his Windows 8 device.

Two more TV ads were made for the Latin American market, including one which shows the after effects of a massive party. The person in charge is seen using a Windows 8 notebook-tablet hybrid to send messages to his friends inviting them to help clean up after themselves.

Microsoft added:

The campaign will include television commercials along with print ads, banner ads online, outdoor posters and branded-entertainment elements such as the musical show La Voz in Mexico, the iconic MTV European Music Awards in Germany, and the popular UEFA Champion League in Ireland which will last into the New Year.

Source: Blogging Microsoft

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These ads are not really that good.. for people who are new to Win8 it is hard to see what is actually happening!!! just looks like music clip with aimless crazy freaked out s**t going on.. a recipe for some sort of seizure.

The ads need to be more product focused and have device being shown going through the actions or something... If I saw that on TV I would just go... "wots al that about?... oh well...who cares.. its over now.." The surface ads are great!

I really dig the desi ad.
I'm really liking how all of these ads reach a wide audience around the world. My mom's indian and she loved that indian windows 8 ad.

bigmehdi said,
With windows 8 , you can have a party on your garden. And windows 8 can clean up your garden too. Fantastic.

You forgot the decapitated rabbit.