Internet bullying the rage for teens

Teenager Austin Stewart did something a friend didn't like and the next thing she knew "a nonstop flood of hurtfulness" was posted about her on Facebook and other networking websites.

"It was all about how stupid I was - and a lot of stuff about my appearance," said the 17-year-old, a former Palo Alto High School student. Being the object of an online attack - the Internet's version of a schoolyard taunt or slam - isn't new. And it wasn't the first time it had happened to Stewart. But according to a nationwide survey released last week, the number of kids who report being victimized this way, one in three, has become a rapidly rising concern for teens, parents and educators.

The survey of more than 900 teens ages 12 to 17, conducted by the Pew Research Foundation's Internet Project, also found that the more time that kids spend online, the more likely they are to experience "cyberbullying." The results also showed that users of social network sites such as MySpace and Facebook were more than twice as likely to be harassed online as those who didn't log on to those sites.

None of that should come as a surprise, said Amanda Lenhart, the project's senior research specialist. "Bullying is coming to you in the space where you spend time," she said.

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kids these days are ruining the internet. Where the hell is this tiered internet and when will they require a diploma to get to the good internet where there aren't a truckload of dumbass kids ruining everything. That, or parents can raise decent human beings...but since that seems nearly impossible today, we might as well hope for my first idea.

Something about this was on the news the other night 'cause some kid killed them selves over it.
And they enthasized that the kid was being bullied on MSN. I don't get why it needs to be publisized, what are the media trying to do? all of these services these kids are apparently being bullied on have a BLOCK button and they arn't that hard to use. The victims can't be so stupid that they don't know how to BLOCK this people. I knew someone that was a "victim" and these victims often provoke the people "bullying" them by arguing back and being just as bad, they are just the weaker of the two. I have no simpathy for idiots.

and on that note:

Internet bullying. I find the very notion laughable. Kids these days are too damned weak. I'm stunned they can get on the Internet, without being scared off by the whirring sound coming from the computer fan.

I'm willing to bet that people have said rather horrible things about me on Facebook/MySpace, but does anyone really care? I don't. I don't have accounts on either one, and don't give flying horse turds if someone decides to rant about me on the Internets. If it's really something I need to know, they'd have the balls to say it to my face.

Yes, perhaps internet bullying has increased, but maybe these terrorized kids should take a break and go outside. Don't let online life take over. Parents really need to adapt to the whole lifestyle change brought about by online life, be aware of the consequences of letting it become too "real", and give their kids proper coaching ("Now if he says bad stuff about you one more time, punch him in the throat..."). Else, teach their kids useful online skills, such as turning the bully's machine into a pile of smoldering rubble with a few deft keystrokes. It's a real shame that parents are pampering their kids in all the wrong ways, teaching them the wrong lessons (or not teaching them anything at all), and generally turning this online generation into a bunch of whiny, litigious *******.

I'm not saying that the problem of bullying doesn't exist. I'm just pointing out the very real possibility that it is all getting blown out of proportion by a few parents who go "Oh my gods, the big bad internet bullies are after my kiddies! This should be against the law."

<Hops into an SUV and casts Lawsuit spell, 200 damage to School District>

Which is half the reason why those kind of sites suck so much! The other half a reason why is those sites just plain stink!