IObit Driver Booster scans Windows for driver updates

Quickly scan your system for out-of-date drivers with IObit Driver Booster. If you are missing your hardware's driver/installation CD and don't want to spend hours upon hours searching the internet and even paying for a new driver disk, then IObit Driver Booster is the hassle free solution you are looking for.

IObit Driver Booster excels in its easy-to-use interface. There is no learning curve at all, which means anyone can use IObit Driver Booster immediately without problems. The program will automatically identify your hardware and then search to ensure that each piece of hardware has the latest device driver installed. Any driver issues can be fixed with a few clicks of your mouse.

Download: IObit Driver Booster 1.0 Beta | 4.9 MB (Freeware)
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False advertising.
Old drivers do not technomagically slow down system once they become "old". New drivers may or may not speed it up.
Old drivers definitely don't destabilize system. New drivers may or may not fix problems you don't know you have. They might introduce new problems.

Now, When you say Freeware, every single other driver program out there will list your out of date drivers but will only download them if you buy the "full" version which are usually an extortionate annual fee.

Is this actually Freeware or is it just like the rest?

I know what your saying and I do agree with but I have tested this one, updated 2 drivers without hitch and no request for a "premium" payment.

So "YES" it's free and it works.

Yeah, Just tried it out, seems legit and nice. I'd like to see what it's like for downloading some of the worst manufacturer's drivers, like Realtek, their downloads are always ridiculously slow but I suppose it's not really for that, it's just for keeping your drivers current.

Impressed so far although there's no mention of which OSes it will support and it also doesn't actually appear on their website.