IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller helps you uninstall and remove unwanted programs and folders from your computer fast and easily. Where the built-in and sluggish "Windows Add or Remove Programs" option fails, IObit Uninstaller works as always and picks up the slack. What's better, it is a free Uninstaller without installation.

Batch Uninstall
Uninstall several applications so easily with just one click.

Standard and Advanced Uninstall
While Standard Uninstall works as the Windows built-in Add/Remove Programs function, Advanced Uninstall function helps you scan Windows registry and hard drive for any possible installation leftovers.

1-Click Toolbars Removal
Annoyed by so many toolbars in your system? Here's the simplest and fastest solution.

Without Installation
Look for a pure uninstaller that does NOT need an installation and will not screw your system again? IObit Uninstaller is the answer.

Forced Uninstall
Even a program is not listed in Windows built-in Add/Remove Programs, this feature still can help you automatically find the program's leftovers and traces in your system and remove them completely.

Log Manager and Restoration
Easily view what has been changed by IObit Uninstaller. Every time an "Advanced Uninstall" is performed, a restore point image will be automatically set for possible future system restoration.

Free and Easy-to-use
No IT knowledge needed, just download it and simply run it to remove all junk programs.

Download: IObit Uninstaller | 1.5 MB (Freeware)
View: IObit Uninstaller Website

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I'm going to try based on the comments above. Even though I don't think Windows APP Manager is not exactly sluggish, it doesn't do a perfect job deleting everything related to a application. Thank's for the feedback guys.

Yep I concur. I used it once to clean up a broken install of some application that wouldn't get the hell off a machine. This installer found it and removed all traces. I was very impressed.

Played around with this today, and must say I was impressed. I loaded a couple of problems that were quite large (adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw Suite) then using IObit Uninstaller I removed them. It first backed up everything to Recovery, then uninstalled the two applications using the Batch uninstaller. Once the two apps were removed IObit then ask if you want to clean the Registry, it then went into the Registry brought up all the changes made my the two apps. I choose "Delete" changes.

The program works as advertized, and I do recommend IObit for those who do a great deal of installing apps for testing.