iOS 8 adds support to track your breathing

The iOS 8 beta is in full swing, and with the release of beta 5 two days ago an interesting feature was added to the upcoming HealthKit app, the ability for your iPhone to track and measure your breathing.

Obviously your iPhone or iPad can't track your breathing on its own, and requires the HealthKit app, as well as support for spirometry data which is baked into beta 5. This measures lung capacity by tracking how much air you inhale and exhale, as well as how quickly you do it.

Soon, your iDevice could be telling you "you're breathing wrong!" (as opposed to "holding it wrong") 

Health seems to be all the rage with this particular update, with iOS 8 beta 5 also adding a new Health panel in the Privacy menu, new icons for Body Data and Data Exporting, the ability to store workouts and an option to show your medical ID on your device's lockscreen. Based on various rumors, the upcoming iWatch will place a heavy emphasis on health and fitness and also sync with iOS 8.

Source: Laptopmag | Image via Shutterstock: Exhausted female runner

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Can someone explain to me all the stupid "yawn" comments and jokes about how everyone already knows how to breathe?

What about practical uses, in people with asthma or children who are mute? People with legitimate issues? Is everyone so dense that they cannot see ANY practical usage for this, be it medically or what have you?

Seems like everyone is too busy bitching about a phone they don't even use, and I just don't see the reason. Is it because Apple is not "first"? Does that REALLY matter? I got the Samsung S5 Active and I love the health features to it, and I want this to become more mainstream technology.

Last thing we need is something held back just because a few neckbeards aren't concerned with their own health.

Sheesh! :sleep2:

Master of Earth said,
It might probably able to measure how fast you urine per second and upload to social media for peer comparison.

Dump wars! Who can take a dump the fastest.

So they're copying many features of the galaxy s health apps and the fit band, then adding some breathing support?

Like tech and all but im a bit worried of the direction tech is going. Someday we look back and wont believe how humans were able to live without all the tech support. Progress sure but at what cost?

Mmmm it added a metric in the database but you still need a separate device to measure your breathing so not quite sure what is so newsworthy here.

fordcom said,
Soon, your iDevice could be telling you "you're breathing wrong!" (as opposed to "holding it wrong")

That will be nice. I love it when my iOS device notifies me that I'm holding it wrong :| *yawn*

Shadrack said,

That will be nice. I love it when my iOS device notifies me that I'm holding it wrong :| *yawn*

Older versions did. The notification was a small set of bars at the top of the screen that rated how well you were holding your phone.

But I think they removed that feature in later hardware iterations.

-adrian- said,
Good thing the phone gets much much bigger now that you are supposed to carry it around doing sport

HAHAHAHA! Best comment in a long time. So true...