iOS and Mac App Stores causing crashes on some updated apps

If you have experienced crashes on one or more of your newly updated apps for your iOS device or for your Mac, you are not alone. There's apparently an issue with both of Apple's app stores that are causing some of those apps not to load when they were activated.

The Next Web reports that the problem was first discovered on Tuesday when the person behind the popular Instapaper bookmarking app launched a new version, only to be hit with a ton of emails and Twitter posts from users who told him the app would not work.

The app has since been fixed, but the Instapaper creator said that Apple didn't give him any information on what might have happened to the app. Since then, a large number of other iOS and Mac apps have been hit with the same crashing issue after a recent update. The long list includes the free version of Angry Birds Space HD.

So far Apple has been silent on what might be causing these problems, but if a version of Angry Birds is being affected you can bet that Apple will feel more pressure to fix this problem.

Source: The Next Web

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But, but... iOS and OS X never have crashes... They just do a 'refresh' boot, as customers often call it when there is a problem.

Of course the 'refresh' loses all their work and data and is really a well 'masked' crash, but if the users don't know any better, it is just a 'refresh' and NEVER a crash...

I can honestly say for the first time in over 10 years that Windows 7 is far less likely to crash or 'refresh' than OS X. It is odd to see people accept daily App and even OS level crashes on OS X, when Windows 7 users going months with never seeing one.

(The new PAC in Windows 7 and the new driver models are amazing at correcting and recovering from errors in realtime, so that even when poorly coded software by a 3rd party is running, Windows 7 will catch it on the fly or flag it to be caught on the next run.)

Thank you cyber. The issue has been resolved. Remove a current that's crashing and redownload it or install a new app and the app store will force check all your apps for updates and redo the license and any other issues to make them work