iPhone's Downsized Wide Screen

If any disappointment is present with the iPhone, it can be broken down to the price tag, the limitation of one carrier and now, the wide screen? It seems that Apple's iPhone, not to be mixed up with Cisco's iPhone, sports a non-standard wide screen. It uses a 1.5:1 aspect ratio as opposed to the accepted 1.33:1 (4x3) or 1.78:1 (16x9) screen dimensions.

The iPhone has a pixel count of 480x320. It is possible, however, that the iPhone has rectangular pixels in order to portray a "true" 16:9 picture. Although uncommon nowadays, this has been done in the past. Based on the photos of the iPhone on Apple's website, such a possibility seems unlikely. A nearly perfect 1.5:1 aspect ratio can be seen on the device's 3.5-inch screen when it is positioned in landscape mode.

The nonstandard screen shape will force users to either have the left and right sides of the screen cut off or to have black bars on the top and bottom. Nevertheless, compared to the current iPods, users should still see an improvement when viewing wide-screen content. It probably won't bother the average Joe too much, but the geek in the rest of us will curse Apple every time he watches a wide-screen video.

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News source: crave.cnet.com

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Its bashing the iPhone or ,whatever the name is going to be, time... lately all i can see is saysay from everywhere about it.. no profs nothing! just people trying to come up with stories about the iphone.

its getting ridiculous.. a couple of months ago it was the speculation if it existed or not, now its the speculation of what it can or can not do or pure and simple bashing...

get a grip on yourselfs people...

It's not so much the resolution that's the problem, standard TV widescreen runs on the same resoultion as regular TV but with non square "pixels"

A little off subject... but how do they get away with only allowing one carrier to sell all these new phones when they first come out? You would think that the FTC or someone would step in? you know that in allowing only one carrier, it only decreases competive pricing and increased profits for that ONE carrier. Just curious if i'm the only one that thinks this is pretty retarded..?

Because Cingular suposedly uses the Same GSM system as Europe, and Apple choose to use this system for the phone because of the larger potential customer base capable of using it then. And all the other US providers use som other system for the phones.

It's true. I live in the US and use T-Mobile. They are a GSM network here in the US working on the 850 frequency. Cingular is the same and only other GSM network here in the US that I know of which also works on the 850 frequency. Most if not all cellphone networks outside the US are GSM which operate on the 900 frequency.

The US is so behind the times... I'm sick of lack of GSM coverage in this country even though GSM is the better network. Americans just can't let go of that old Analogue stuff, even though with Analogue service you could get 100% coverage at the bottom of the Grand Canyon... it's almost like AM radio, you can listen to it just about everywhere. It's time to upgrade.

Wow, this article is a bit of a stretch -- just trying to dig up some dirt on the iPhone.

Most movies today are Anamorphic and 2.35:1, not exactly your precious 16:9. I'm not saying black bars don't suck, but there is a zoom mode which works pretty well (see the keynote)

As for the price tag - this is a luxury device. You wouldn't expect a Lexus IS for $30,000 would you?

Not sure that it really matter seeing as how a lot of movies are anamorphic widescreen which can be in a lot of different wider than 16x9 ratios.

Umm, I don't believe the screen is technically wide screen, did Jobs even say the screen itself is wide screen? He said the iPod is wide screen, as in it can play wide screen video .. if you remember him showing Pirates going from wide screen to 4:3 .. which had the black bars at the top and bottom.

Correct me if I'm wrong.. ?

I noticed this on the day of the keynote, but whatever. A standard wide screen would add the length of the device, but id think, if you look at it vertically it would display longer lists (contacts, song) it would be better.