It may be a while before US users get Xbox One's upcoming TV streaming to SmartGlass feature

Prior to its Gamescom press conference Tuesday, Microsoft announced several new features for Xbox One, including the ability to stream live TV to phones, tablets and computers via the SmartGlass app. Unfortunately for U.S. users, when that capability arrives for them is up to TV service providers.

When Microsoft announced the streaming feature, it clarified that European markets with the upcoming Xbox One Digital TV Tuner will first receive the capability. The reason for that is because subscription TV services, such as cable and satellite offerings, first have to sign off on allowing their signals to be retransmitted. Several major TV service providers, such as Comcast, are well known for balking at proposals that could potentially change the landscape of how their services are used.

A Microsoft spokesman provided Neowin with the following statement on behalf of the company when asked when the feature will come to the U.S. and if any licensing issues may exist:

The ability to stream TV content to mobile devices depends on a number of factors related to licensing. This feature is launching first in the UFIGS markets, where the Xbox Digital TV Tuner will receive free OTA television. We are looking at how we can bring this to additional markets in the future.

As explained in a video released by Microsoft following Tuesday's event, the new feature will allow Xbox One users to continue playing games on the console while TV is streamed live to the SmartGlass device. Since SmartGlass is available on a wide range of devices, this feature can be used on any Android, iOS, Windows or Windows Phone device.

Image via Microsoft

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They should just roll it out world wide supporting OTA TV first while waiting for the tv deals to be done. I am using Media Center as a set-top-box in Canada hooked up to OTA signals, vai X1 and I am being penalized waiting for all those BDUs dragging their feet! #notfair

This seems backwards. So, the customer cannot buy from the supplier unless the middle man agrees to it?
I know this may confuse some of you, so for those who don't follow... Supplier would be like HBO/showtime/cbs/nbc/abc, the middle man would be like Comcast or any other cable/satellite provider, and the customer, that's you.

I haven't been to Canada so I can't speak from experience, but what I heard is that all content on any station must be at least 51% Canadian by law. If that is indeed true, the cable companies are a little safer in that they can guarantee that what is being broadcast is at least 51% Canadian made. Any other channels of media consumption cannot guarantee that ratio, so your laws may have to change to allow things like this.

deadonthefloor said,

In Canada our local stations are vertically integrated.

The Cable operators OWN the stations.

what about Australia? cram all those features into an xbox mini with miracast and ill buy 2, you could even allow game streaming like the vita tv does.

liamog said,
UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain.

I had to look it up as it's not a term I'd ever seen before.

Thanks - I had a quick google but couldn't see anything obvious.

I would like to see MS and the cable/satellite companies just reach an agreement to offer an Xbox One bundles where new subscribers to 2 year contracts can get an Xbox One for $99 - $149 and then just openly agree to any Xbox One to have this capability. MS and the Cable companies would benefit.

I literally just yelled: "WHY? WHY? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?????????"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus, it's on my Wifi. MY WIFI! Only a small portion of people are connecting to it. DAMN CABLE COMPANIES!

It doesn't matter to them. I once got the infamous "video is not avalaible in your country" for the trailer of a TV show ... yeah a trailer ...

Another case of the US cable monopolies at work, have fun with that guys. Same issue when it comes to phones and the carriers, they're both like the mob.

No it just a another case of the big broadcast network want there large shear of the apple pie w/ dbl scoop of ice cream.

SHS said,
No it just a another case of the big broadcast network want there large shear of the apple pie w/ dbl scoop of ice cream.

Yeah, like the mob. :)

It is even worse in canada. I don't own a next gen console yet but i can already tell you all the TV features will be useless in canada i'm almost sure of it.

LaP said,

Then you'd be mistaken.

I can use the existing OneGuide with my regional IPTV provider's set top box and use the Smartglass App to navigate live TV..

Now whether or not stream to SmartGlass will arrive, that's still unclear.