Italian media company sues YouTube

Italian media company Mediaset announced on Wednesday that it has filed a lawsuit against YouTube and owner Google, alleging that the video-sharing site distributed and exploited its commercial property.

Mediaset alleges that it found at least 4,643 copies of its programming on YouTube on June 10, when it conducted a sample survey. That programming represents approximately 325 hours of material, Mediaset claims.

The media company, as a result, alleges that its three Italian television networks have lost nearly 315,700 viewer days, which, in turn, represents lost advertising opportunities for its television programs, Mediaset alleges.


Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi controls Mediaset, according to a Bloomberg report.

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If only there was an alternative to suing! Why isn't there a way you can politely request YouTube to remove copyrighted material? Why can't it be that simple, that easy?

Wait a minute..... IT IS!

But we're a sue happy world so let's skip over the easy method and get the lawyers out!

LOL @ Ramik..

When Berlusconi got into politics he gave up control of Mediaset, so he doesnt own **** anymore. Mediaset is mostly owned by his son and daughters (which is legal).
As for controlling any goverment tv station, thats complete BS. RAI is controlled by a CDA (board) that is very much anti-berslusconi (at times waaay too much) and historically has been very simpathetic to the left party.

As for killing Napolitano.. man you're full of c***p ! Napolitano counts zero in italy, is merely a mediator, and mostly no one listens to him, so believe me if B. wants to kill someone (and he doesnt) it wouldnt be N. in the first place.

get something straigh next time pls.

Mediaset is getting worst in these issues.

Few months ago a PVR website started its activity ( that allows users to register from italian TV channels online, then download them (an online PVR), all personal, with no way to infringement copyright laws (the same as using an old vhs video recorder or a pc with media center, but online), and mediaset threatened to sue the website, so they disabled registration of mediaset channels !!!

isn't Berlusconi happy with what he has till now? the prime minister of italy, with self-made laws to protect him from whatever crime he commits, even killing the president Napolitano (till he finished his mandate as a PM), richest man in italy, owns 3 personal tv stations (mediaset group) and 3 governative tv stations (RAI, being the italian PM he can decide what to transmit).


no comments

That's truth, you are right! Look at the RIAA suits, they don't sue the torrent sites, they sue the people who uploaded the music album, but you know what, they do that because is Google and Google represent $$$$$$$$

My heart bleeds for this media and all other media companies, who, for years, have controlled what we watch. 8)

Now they belly-ache that people have abandoned viewing TV, to watch blurry, postage stamp sized, 10 minute video clips of TV drivel and other c*ap. 365 hours of drivel - "Good lord, are people this sad?"