It's official: Worldwide Playstation 2 production has ended

Last week, we reported that Sony had stopped making Playstation 2 consoles for its home Japanese market. That was the first big clue that the end was near for the company's second generation game console. Today, Sony officially confirmed that PS2 production has ended for all of its worldwide territories.

The Guardian reports that Sony ended up shipping 150 million PS2 units around the world since it launched in Japan in March 2000 (it launched in the US in October 2000 and in Europe a month later). By 2011, over 10,000 games had been released for the PS2 and it is now considered to be the most successful game console in history. Over one million PS2 units were sold in the past year.

There were several factors to the success of the PS2, from its powerful hardware to its Internet features (put in via an add-on in 2001). However, the main thing the PS2 had going for it was its selection of games, including Grand Theft Auto III, which the console had exclusively for six months.

The Playstation 3, launched in 2006, hasn't been quite as successful as the PS2, thanks in part to a much higher launch price. Sony is rumored to be working on the next Playstation console and its possible we will learn more about it sometime in 2013.

Source: The Guardian | Image via Sony

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It's also just been released for ANDROID!
IF Sony could somehow officially release their own emulator to play all your PS2 stuff on a PC, people would gladly pay to do this...also port the games themselves, the few they have sold well! Money waiting to be had.

A loved my PS2, i still remember when i got it.

I LOVED Tony Hawk games, i just loved them, i still remember buying that network card thing you put into the back of a big PS2 so you can play it online, then i got a slim model and it was all in one!

Still have my one too I got for christmas in 00.
Loved that console, didnt know it had internet features though! (we never had internet till 04)
My ps2 still works, I have an original 60GB ps3 with the card reader, it YLOD'd in 13 months. right after warranty.
Bought an xbox after that because it was cheaper

This is a sad day. I remember picking up my console with Jak and Daxter, and falling in love with games like Ratchet & Clank, Burnout, Midnight Club 3, Killzone, God of War and much more. The PlayStation 2 is a good example of a console which has a diverse line-up of titles and I still think Microsoft and Nintendo could learn a lot from Sony's software line-up. Even with HD re-releases; I think the PS2 games I mentioned work in favor of Sony's software sales 'til this day. I am a fanboy, but the only reason for that is because I feel the PS2 really set the bar.

There are plenty of old technologies that I have fond memories of. But when I'm using a newer technology that's much better, and the old technology is well obsolete, I don't look at it as a sad day when it's discontinued.

Oh noes...
Guess I'll have to stick with my PS3 till the 4 comes out
And Yes, my PS2 Game library was 5 or 6 times larger then my 3 library
Come to think of it, this saddens me