iTunes adds 'Buy Now, Download Later' options

Apple have added a feature to the iTunes Store whereby users can now choose to download content 'later' by simply storing the purchase through iTunes in the Cloud. Movies, TV episodes, Season Passes and completed seasons can now be downloaded immediately or at any point in the future. The new option additionally applies to music content that Apple deems would take longer to download than an album or single track. The feature will prove especially useful for those making purchases via a cellular data connection who aren't in favour of having their data capped.

As in the above image, when a large purchase is made, a pop-up window will allow you to choose between "Later" and "Download". Select "Later" and the content is moved to the Purchased section of the store for download at any time.

The Apple documentation on notes the change, giving scenarios in which the feature applies to various types of content:

Tapping the Later button will not download any episodes. You'll be able to download your episodes at any time from iTunes in the Cloud.

Tapping the Download button will download the earliest episode of the season. Examples:

  • If you have not purchased or download any episodes from a season, episode 1 of that season will download.
  • If you have previously purchased or download episode 3 of a season, episode 4 of that season will download.

The new option is available for users in countries where Apple offers support for iTunes in the Cloud. 

Source: Apple SupportImage via AppleInsider

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This works for Apps too? Would be a welcomed feature. There are sometimes one day Free Apps that I like to grab but have to wait until I am on a Wifi network before being able to download it.

I'm slightly surprised this option has only just been made available, it seems like quite a logical feature.

Is there any information about the filesize required to get the option to appear? The article seems to give the impression that small files (for example, one track) will not provide this option.

I see why this would be useful now, but at first I thought this was supposed to be targeting the "Let me throw my money at you Apple, I don't care what this is I'm getting--even to the point that I don't need to own it!" customers.