Japan to get DVD Wii

Nintendo has turned around and said that there are plans to introduce a DVD capable Wii in Japan later next year. This move goes back to original plans from the Wii about it being able to play DVDs. This was later removed from the Wii because Nintendo said standalone players are now widely available at low cost.

Speaking to Gamesindustry.biz, a spokesperson declined to comment on when the new machine will hit the shops, but did confirm, "There are currently plans to release a version of Wii in Japan featuring DVD playback." He also added "There are currently no plans to bring this model to Europe or the US."

View: GamesIndustry.biz

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Most people that want a dvd player in general can get one really cheap, for people like me that want features in there DVD player, optical out, component RGB, DVI output, and also support to play AVI files you would need to buy a seperate DVD player for all that anyway.

like I said, since the Wii is a standard definition system and my bedroom tv is a standard definition tv, to have a dvd player that small would be perfect for that setting. I wouldn't want to spend $30 on a Trutech dvd player and then put the Wii on top when I could have everything in the Wii.

I can understand all those features you want and yes while I may want those features in my living room, in my bedroom they wouldn't matter as much.

The billion versions of the GBA that Japan got that never made it overseas is a perfect example.

In reality, it's probably because they know that'd they would sell like no other. These are the same people that would buy multiple versions of the same console simply because it looks cool.

I'm not surprised, Nintendo did it before with the Panasonic Q (it looked better then the original Gamecube) and Sony did it with the PSX. So it's not a huge surprise that Nintendo will do it again.

Still people should be getting used to the fact that Japan always gets exclusive versions of their own consoles (since bother Nintendo and Sony are Japanese companies after all...) I'm not entirely sure what makes them so special? but obviously they are special enough both Sony and Nintendo (and Sega in the past) will make Japan only releases and no matter how much pressure the international community puts on them and no matter how high the demand is for them (outside Japan) they won't export them out....while I know if they did export them would defeat the point of them been "exclusives"...but are Japan that special that they (Nintendo, Sony or whoever) are willing to miss out cashing in on the huge demand for these exclusive units? just doesn't make sense to me.

possibly but knowing Nintendo they will eventually release the "remote" you need for $30. of course in their defense MS would/did do the exact same thing but at least this time around Nintendo could have included it by default in the systems. When they eventually release more colors of the Wii, if they enable those by default with dvd playback then I would have no problem with it, I wouldn't want to spend extra money on a adapter.

And before somebody says it I do only have 1 dvd player in my house, living room, and none in my bedroom and I would much rather play the Wii in my bedroom where I can play from the bed and watch dvds than watch my dvds on my computer due to the location/position of my computer and bed.

The thing is that there is a licensing cost for DVD playback, which is what you pay for with the remote. I would rather that it be an optional upgrade, because I don't need a DVD player, and it just adds another 10$ to the price (Or to Nintendo's losses)

OMG!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:, this is the greatest news since they gave it the name "Wii" and not the "revolution." They are going to put DVD, but not only DVD but also looks like Blue-ray, on the Wii and not only that, from the pic, I see that they are going to release a black version and changed the controller. Although i'm not in favor of labeling it "play...station (is that a 3?) 3" but hey Nintendo can't do no mistake (hahahaha).

Okay enough with the PS3 Pic joke, why only in japan, are DVD players more expensive there than here in the US? It might be that the Wii/nintendo sells more in Japan than in the US and thought why not sell it with DVD where they know that it will sell a lot. Any other thoughts?

Japanese console makers have previously released specialised versions of their hardware exclusively into the Japanese market. Examples include Sony's PSX and Sega's plethora of MegaDrive/MegaCD bastardisations.

why is there a picture of a sony ps3 here? someone fix it pls, yeah shame it aint coming to europe, i would so definatly get one then, replace my current crappy DVD player/ noisy XBOX1.

PURE SPECULATION BS! Shouldn't be on the games page should be in the backpage news somewhere, damn shame to see this crap on Neowin's game news page.