Japanese Trojan attacks P2P file-sharing pirates

n a case of a malware purveyor attacking pirate file-sharers, security vendor Sophos has warned of a bizarre Trojan horse which has been distributed on Japanese peer-to-peer file-sharing networks.

The Troj/Pirlames-A Trojan horse has been distributed on the controversial Winny file-sharing network in Japan, posing as a screensaver. However, if P2P users download and run the program their files are overwritten by pictures of a popular comic book star who abuses them for using Winny and threatens to expose them to the police if they don't stop using the system.

Programs, music files and email mailboxes are amongst the files targeted by the Trojan horse. EXE, BAT, CMD, INI, ASP, HTM, HTML, PHP, CLASS, JAVA, DBX, EML, MBX, TBB, WAB, HLP, TXT, MP3, XLS, LOG, BMP files are all overwritten by images contained inside the malicious code of comic book character Ayu Tsukimiya.

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lol comic book...

Cartoon show would be more appropriate.

She's from an Anime (Adapted from a Hentai-Game) called Kanon.


Also this is fairly old, and who uses Winny these days?

Most people use SHARE...

lol it could have been the japenese version of the RIAA and the MPAA evil b*st*rds that they are

edit- yes i did just call the RIAA ******* so sue me if you dont like it

this is why i generally avoid getting most programs from p2p etc... although i do once in a while but not often.

assuming there was a virus/trojan etc in a program you downloaded... assuming it loged your keystrokes... how long do you think it would take before something like that would steal your credit card info to where someone would be using it? ... month tops?

The people who know what their doing don't download brittneynude.exe :laugh:.. (for example, I know this case it's a "screen saver".)

newbies are infected by this.. :no:

In these days there are more and more viruses and malware on P2P which is placed there by Riaa, Mpaa and other sinister figures to harm people using P2P.
That's why you always need to use an up-to-date virus+malware scanner for files downloaded from P2P.