Joe Belfiore: Windows Phone 7 Facebook beta app out in August

Microsoft has allowed Windows Phone 8 phone owners to try out a beta version of its in-house developed "official" Facebook app since April. However, there are still many Windows Phone 7 phone owners out there who have been waiting patiently for a similar Facebook beta program. Today, the head of Microsoft's Windows Phone division, Joe Belfiore, indicated those people won't have to wait for much longer.

In a post on his Twitter feed this morning, Belfiore states:

That should be welcome news for the people who still have older Windows Phone hardware devices who have yet to buy a new Windows Phone 8 smartphone.

In related news, Microsoft has released a new beta version of its Windows Phone 8 Facebook app that adds some new features such as image attachments in messaging, a way to upload multiple photos, inline tagging, saving and sharing photos, and some navigation improvements. There's no word yet on when Microsoft will remove the "beta" tag from the Facebook app.

Source: Joe Belfiore on Twitter

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I'd like to point out that to the Author that there are two Facebook apps out by Microsoft. One is the stable version, just called "Facebook", which can be found here:

The one mentioned in the end of the article is the Facebook Beta app which is basically a live test version of the next version of the stable Facebook app with which users get to play with the newest features before they get integrated into the stable version.

So, no, Microsoft won't be dropping the "Beta" from this app because there is already a stable app that they integrate the features from this beta app into.

Yay! Fourth here Though I hardly use the FB App on my pone, much easier to do on my Surface Pro but yay anyway to see the platform has not been forgotten.