We had a Google+ Hangout... it was awesome!

Join our Hangout here!

Do you like technology? Do you love talking about it? Do you want to talk about technology with us? If you said yes, put a reminder on your calendar for tonight at 8:30 PM EST | 5:30 PM PST to hang out with us on a Google hangout as Brad and Tim will be getting together to discuss this week’s latest bits of news.

We have heard from quite a few of you about us creating a Neocast (Neowin podcast) and we thought it might be best to get all of you involved as well. What better way to do that than with a Google hangout and we hope you will join us.

Tonight’s agenda will be the following:

  • Surface distribution expansion
  • Windows Phone 8 delivers first OTA update
  • Apple vs Microsoft in the battle of iOS apps
  • Windows Phone 7.8

We hope you will join us for our chat and if can’t make it, don’t worry, as we will be posting the video up after the event comes to an end.

We will post the link to the hangout in this thread once the service is live.

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Did a decent job, next time don't have the news story say it was posted 7hrs ago had click to see if it was live

Those topics make me puke a little and have to swallow it back down again..
Can you say hashtag trend ?

I guess I'm just some old dinosaur interested in Desktop PC's
when everyone else has moved onto these other things ..sad

This has turned into a cell phone / tablet web site i guess..

Just an idea: I do see how probably most of our community and or FPN visitors are US American/Canadian/Mexican and hence those given time zones matter to them.

However, seeing how Neowin is actually a European based site it'd be a nice gesture to give one European time zone as well.

It's funny, you'd think after all those years of being fed those time zones for whenever something interesting happens (at any place I frequent) I'd convert that on-the-fly.
Thing is, I still stumble and it just gives me an awkward moment of thinking.



Technically, the servers are in the US but I understand your point. We can look into trying to mix the time zones up but Tim is in Australia and I am in the US.

bdsams said,
Technically, the servers are in the US but I understand your point. We can look into trying to mix the time zones up but Tim is in Australia and I am in the US.

Well... where are Redmak, Neobond, etc etc?
And ME? Obviously the most important person around.

Maybe we could have a site-global feature to auto translate any times to our local time zones.
Like a BBCode kind of thing where you enter the time in military coding (eg: 2210 = 10:10pm) followed by the time zone.

This would work across the news, forum and possibly other sites.
For fallback reasons both the originally entered as well as the converted time will be displayed.
If the user isn't logged in OR hasn't set the setting the IP will be used for geolocating the time zone.

This would truly set this site apart SO much!


I believe you are right but more than 10 can watch...so get here early and chat with us! The idea that hearing the same two people talk each week can be boring, so we want our awesome readers (you) to chat with us.