Judge in Samsung-Apple case: Please try to settle

The legal fight between Samsung and Apple in a San Jose, California courtroom started a couple of weeks ago and is continuing today. But the judge in the case apparently thinks it would be better for the two feuding tech companies to try and settle their differences beforehand.

News.com reports that during the trial today, US District Court judge Lucy Koh gave a piece of advice for both of Samsung and Apple's lawyers: "If you can have your CEOs have one last conversation, I'd appreciate it." Judge Koh believes that if the court case goes all the way through, the final verdict from the jury could be bad for both sides. Koh added, "If you all want to keep over-reaching, it's up to you. But I think it would be better to streamline this case."

The statements came as Samsung's lawyers try to push their arguments in the trial, with Apple claiming that Samsung stole their design ideas for their smartphones and Galaxy Tab tablets from Apple's iPhone and iPad. Reuters reports that Samsung countered those arguments in court on Tuesday, claiming via an expert witness that it was Apple who violated Samsung's patents in their iPhone and iPad design.

Apple and Samsung's lawyers are expected to give their closing statements in the trial sometime next week, after which it will go to the jury, assuming a settlement is not reached ahead of time.

Source: News.com

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I don't know how this case will end, but the way it has been being presented as a clear cut infringement by Samsung reminds me of Oracle vs Google.

Samsung has I believe shown significant evidence already that shows Appel is a lying sack of you know what. Everything they claimed they invented they simply stole. Whther they knew it existed or not isnt an argument. What si an argument is it was their duty to make sure what they had was actually novel and non-obvious. It simply wasn't, they received patents they never should have gotten. Isay Samsung has nothing to lose. It is APple who startyed, it is Apple who is lying and it is Apple that will lose. Th relaity is, the vast majority of the stuff is invalid based on prior art which is what the USPTO is suppose to make sure of. They didn't. This case shows they didnt do squat accept get paid by Apple to ok patents that are not unique. Its that simple.

The case in my opinion shoudl be totally dismiss, any bans shoudl be removed, Apple should be fined a substancial amount of money due to loss sales on Samsung side and Samsung should then cancel all contracts relating to making anthing for Apple that way their products wont get to market and we can have Samsung as an only option.

Koh wants them to settle so Apple gets paid, because the evidence when looked at from a non-fanboi perspective shows Apple is the loser here. Its that simple.

They tampered with a witness. They manipulated evidence before and got busted, and every Judge in other counties who have nothing to lose or are in Apple pockets have ruled against Apple. Only this skank who is denouncing her own country to favor a lying sack of poop.

I am not saying that just because she is Korean she shoudl side with Samsung. But she is suppose to side with the law and she didnt even do that because the law shows Apple is lying and should be not only sued for wasting the court time and taxpayer money on this BS, but shoudl also be forced to pay a huge sum of money to Samsung and then force to place on their website as another Judge said, "Samsung didn't copy our products, we actually copied other peoples products and sold them to you".

They should suffer public embarrassment and since they are copying off ther stuff, their crap shoudl be banded from store shelves.

I think that they shouldn't settle for a number of reasons:

1. Right to Information Act. If they settle then the terms of the settlement will be hidden from us, where as these court hearing are public.
2. The patent system needs to change and a judgement in this case will get us closer to that goal more so than a settlement.

I believe Samsung would be happy to settle, but I'd be shocked if Apple even considered any kind of reasonable settlement.

osm0sis said,
First reasonable thing I've heard from this judge. Glad to finally see something like this.

looks to me that Samsung probably had a better argument and she doesn't want apple to loose...

Som said,

looks to me that Samsung probably had a better argument and she doesn't want apple to loose...

That, or she's finally noticed that everyone "knows" she's on the take and is trying to wriggle loose.

dvferret said,
Wow, so she does have a little bit of common sense after all

It's not as if she didn't always have common sense, but common sense isn't the same as the law because it's not a written standard. She's limited by what she can do as she wants to do it right (the decision will be appealed anyway, but she doesn't want to be the cause of it).