jv16 PowerTools 2013

 jv16 PowerTools 2013 is a full Windows optimization utility suite containing 33 different tools. Each of these tools is carefully crafted with the experience of over 10 years of Windows utility and registry cleaning experience to form a solid foundation to give you a smoother and faster computer.

The new jv16 PowerTools 2013 contains awesome performance and user interface improvements to offer its ever expanding user base an elevated level of Windows performance, security and control. Having been in the market for more than ten years, the popularity of jv16 PowerTools continues to create impact as it enhances usability of your Windows personal computer by making it faster and operate smoothly.

The 2013 edition also comes with the new Decrap my Computer tool. “The new Decrap my Computer was designed for uninstalling many software at the same time, without any need for the user to do anything. It’s especially targeted for people with a brand new computer, full of pre-installed bloatware – and hence the name Decrap my Computer!” The tool’s technology is also used in the improved Software Uninstaller tool which can now perform unattended software uninstallations and uninstall many software at the same time.

The main changes compared to jv16 PowerTools 2012 are:

  • New tool: Decrap my Computer. This tool allows you to perform an automated mass uninstallation of all the (selected) third party software from your computer. One way to use this tool is to uninstall and remove all the bloatware software that ship with brand new computers nowadays.
  • New, 7th generation registry cleaning engine which combines amazing performance with unbeaten safety and accuracy. See how the jv16 PowerTools 2013′s Registry Cleaner compares against the 2012 edition on Youtube. Or the Clean and Fix My Computer.
  • New software uninstallation engine that is faster, more accurate and supports the uninstallation of many software at the same time. The engine can execute the uninstaller of the given software, automatically click its buttons to select the uninstallation options and after it has finished, the jv16 PowerTools uses its custom uninstallation engine to double check the software’s own uninstaller didn’t miss anything.
  • Performance boosted Duplicate File Finder which is up to 70% faster than before. See how the jv16 PowerTools 2013′s Duplicate File Finder compares against the 2012 edition on Youtube.
  • Automatic user interface mode selection. The Quick Tutorial will now guess based on the software installed to your computer whether you are an “advanced” or “normal” user; this guess is then used as the default setting in the Quick Tutorial window. Before, the default mode was always normal and everyone who wanted to use the advanced user interface with all the possible features and options available still had to check on that.
  • Improved performance of the Registry Compactor that now fully supports the new Windows 8 operating system.
  • The translation files are now downloaded automatically from our server when the program is installed, this ensures you will always get the latest version of the translation file you wish to use.
  • Major performance improvements and fixes to the entire product.

Download: jv16 PowerTools 2013 | 12.6 MB (Shareware)
Download: PowerTools Lite 2013 | 7.2 MB (Freeware)
View: jv16 PowerTools Website | PowerTools Lite Page | Release Notes

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I've been using jv16 PowerTools ever since 2006. Never had the slightest problem with it, Registry Cleaner included, and even with the Registry Cleaner's most risky option. There are some Reg Cleaners elsewhere that are badly conceived, but not this one as far as I"m concerned.

Isn't removing crapware in W8 really simple nowadays?
Or restoring a oddly working Windows?

A lot of these registry apps will not only mess up your registry, but also remove too many keys, so certain apps will not function (properly) anymore.

The next still applies: "If it's not broken, don't try to fix it"...

There is no reason to use this program. It will just screw up your registry. I stopped using it about 4 years ago, never had a problem since. Always had problems after using the Registry Cleaner and Optimizer.

If your computer has problems with the registry, then I'd just recommend you format and start fresh instead of trying to fix it with this program.

I stopped using those "optimization tools" in Windows XP SP2 ages. I also used to be using CCleaner, O&O Defrag, Windows built-in disk cleaner tools *everytime* before shutting down the computer. Later I just realized that it is not necessary, as later versions of Windows (Vista, 7 and now 8) take care themselves. For example, Windows 8 (and 7?) defrag the hard disk on schedule automatically.

Now I rarely touch the defrag and disk clean tools, I just find it unnecessary and my computers are just fine.