Kaspersky antivirus update cut off Windows XP Internet access; fix now in place

Windows XP may be over 10 years old but it is still installed on a large number of PCs around the world. On Monday, Windows XP owners who also use the many anitvirus programs offered by Kaspersky Labs suddenly found themselves unable to access the Internet.

That was due to a new update to those antivirus applications that had the unfortunately and unintended effect of blocking Internet access for those Windows XP machines. The issues affected PCs that had the x86 versions of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Workstations 6.0.4 MP4, Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows, Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows, Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and 2013 and Kaspersky Pure 2.0.

CNet.com reports that, according to a statement from Kaspersky Labs, it has now released a patch that should fix the problem for those users. The fix was released just a few hours after the update on Monday. It added:

If an affected machine updates from the Administration Kit/Security Center console, then these updates will be downloaded automatically. If a machine updates directly from our servers, then the initial workaround step of disabling the Web Anti-Virus component should be applied first. Internet connectivity will then be restored and the customer will be able to download the most recent database update. The Web Anti-Virus component should be re-enabled after downloading the database update.

Needless to say, Kaspersky Labs has apologized for the problems with Monday's software update, adding, "Actions have been taken to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future."

Source: CNet.com | Image via Kaspersky Labs

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What is all this nonsense about forcing people onto Windows 7 and time to kill XP. Some people just can't afford to upgrade maybe, and it seems to me that XP is still working just fine. Its good that AV companies keep supporting it, obviously still a market for them. Unfortunate about the Kapersky error, but it happens and they fixed it.

Skyfrog said,
Cutting off Windows XP from the internet is the best security update ever.

No, it isn't the best security update. Cut the user from the internet is the best security update.

Had this issue happen to someones computer who I remotely connected into. I troubleshooted it to the web scanner and disabled it. We'll see if the new update fixes it.

NeoandGeo said,
Hopefully this gets a few people off of XP.

It won't. It will probably force the user(s) affected to jump ship to another av.

I think the days of Kaspersky being top 3 AV product has gone.
KIS2013 is a joke, a serious bug which still exists means users of Windows8+Outlook and use Gmail Apps end up with a system which can't send emails.
I own 30+ licences of KIS, I've since binned them and bought AVG-Pro which works considerably better to my surprise.

I have been saying it for years. Doesn't matter which you use, they all make major fek ups. I always says what works best with your system. Again tit and tat.

Nothing new, Kaspersky is good but their over cautious approach creates a lot of problem.

Often certain type of needed files gets flagged as malware even though they perform certain acts but with user permission

So many software gets permission issue and lands into problem while kaspersky installed, internet is full of complain, starting from Windows 8 metro apps to Internet Messenger clients.

I personally faced issue with Networking while Kaspersky created a lot of problem in setting up a software called CafeZee (http://cafezee.com)

Never had any issues like that with KAV 2011/12 or 13.
KAV is by far the AV with the least amounts of false positives, I have ever used.
Since I like PC demoes (http://www.pouet.net/) and since a lot of them are packed with either some form of UPX packer or crinkler, all other AV's I have tried are giving false positives on these demoes. But not KAV it just works.

think this effected more than reported as ive had to remove KIS2013 from my pc due to insane CPU usage last few days causing my connection to be blocked by some sites in windows 8

Why would that be a problem? The less websites you can connect to the less likely that you are going to be infected. It's revolutionary!