Kickstarter funded OUYA game console ships to backers March 28th

Before the Playstation 4 and (reportedly) the "next Xbox" are launched later this year, the company which raised a massive $8.6 million in a Kickstarter campaign plans to launch its console first. Today, OUYA announced that its small Android-based game console and its controller will start shipping to the people that threw in their money to the Kickstarter campaign on March 28th.

The company didn't give a precise number of how many units will ship in this first batch, with the press release saying only that "tens of thousands of you will receive your OUYA, and you’ll get to start playing right away." The official launch of the console is set for sometime in June. Pre-orders are now being taken on the OUYA website for the price of $99.99 and it will also be sold in GameStop and Best Buy stores, along with

The console itself will run on Android 4.0 and have an NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor inside, along with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of Flash-based storage. It will have both WiFi and Ethernet connectivity and an HDMI video port. The wireless controller will have a touchpad, similar to the PS4's controller, along with two analog sticks, a d-pad, eight action buttons and a system button.

While the OUYA console will run on Android, it won't connect to the Google Play store but rather the company's own game download storefront. A number of games are either being ported over to the console or being made especially for the OUYA. Today, it was announced that Airtight Games and Kim Swift, the co-creator of Portal, would make an unnamed OUYA exclusive game.

Source: OUYA | Image via OUYA

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Is it just me or are people not seeing the potential here?

This is a small cheap games console which anybody can develop on for free so it will encourage bedroom developers again, something that the gaming industry needs to encourage - like the mobile market has been doing.

It won't have access to the Google Play store (until someone hacks it) so you won't be getting "mobile and tablet" quality games they will be games written for the OUYA console and hopefully vetted by the developer of the console.

I wish I had the money at the time to get in on the kickstarter

Thank you - someone who see's the bigger picture. "OMG it's so lame compared to the PS4" - something only an idiot would even think of saying.

Angry Birds, Cut The Rope and so on - astoundingly well selling games developed by indie developers. This is aimed at them!

tegra 3 gaming on the TV? LOL has anyone seen the graphics on all the mobile games? low poly crap. youre better off buying a PS2 which you can get for cheaper,and at least it has real games. Or buy a wii.

Most good games don't look bad at all on my Nexus 7 (1280x800), running on Tegra 3.

Current console renders game at what 720p?

For casual gaming, it's going to be just great. Not all gamers need the power of a PS4....

^ - True true. Just because most xbox/ps3 games output resolution is 1080p doesn't mean they are being rendered in 1080p. More like 720p/540p.

(I love my logitech review) but Google TV hasn't taken off and it focuses on Media Guide, Video streaming, and offer a real web browser on your TV. I have no real gaming options with google tv. I find a lot of compatibility issues with android apps for Google TV.

Meh I don't see the point of having a convergence gaming console. I either have a smartphone for on-the-go gaming or a real gaming experience (PC or Xbox 360). There is no need for a device in-between (at least for me). I'm either at home, or on-the-go. For other trips, I have my laptop, which can handle simple Steam games (that is if I even have time).

Why do I want to play cellphone games on my tv? Umm no theres tablets for that and of course smartphones. Why put a tegra 3 chip in a stationary box? This is severely underpowered for a console that's supposed to connect to a tv. The idea sounds good in theory until you actually start playing phone games on your tv and find angry birds isn't any more fun on the tv than on your phone. Tv games are for consoles and pc's not for underpowered boxes running a cell phone os and hardware.

You can get a much better deal for $100 more - an xbox 360 that actually is built to play games on a tv, not hacked together using cellphone parts.

Edited by , Feb 28 2013, 8:19pm :

pgn said,
Why do I want to play cellphone games on my tv?

I enjoy my FPS everywhere, just on a cellphone is not comfortable to play. And depends on what type of screen protector people get, some may have a fun time on their cellphone, some may be bad at the game.