Kingsoft PC Doctor

Kingsoft Security has updated his powerful computer security suite which intensively can scan, detect and remove malware, using Kingsoft Cloud Security Engine and Kingsoft V10 Antivirus Engine, patch Windows vulnerabilities, clean junk files and optimize Windows performance. While this might all sound  familiar, thanks to the abundance of cheap one-click optimizers, Kingsoft PC Doctor is an entirely different program.

Anti-Trojan: Anti-Trojan function of the Kingsoft PC Doctor exploits both the revolutionary Cloud Security Engine and powerful V10 Antivirus Engine on local device which are presented by Kingsoft Security to defense billions of malicious Trojan viruses program away from your computer.

Windows Vulnerability Repair: Repair function of the Kingsoft PC Doctor provides computer users overall and intensive Windows OS vulnerability scan service and, support the users patch such vulnerability in fast and easy-to-use operation. Meanwhile, the Windows Vulnerability Repair function presents advanced performance on Microsoft Windows 7 OS.

Windows Cleaner: Cleaner is a powerful function of the Kingsoft PC Doctor which is designed for cleaning Windows OS unused files and temporary files, erasing traces of online activities and Internet history, and cleaning Windows register. Users can execute One-Click function to run the Cleaner to free up valuable computer hard disk space.

System Repair: System Repair is an useful function of the Kingsoft PC Doctor which is designed for scan abnormal option of the Windows Operating System and, provide professional and fast repair service to computer users.

Trace Cleaning: Trace Cleaning is a powerful function which is designed for erasing traces of online activities, local computer operating behavior history and, Internet history. This function is located under the Cleaner option of the Kingsoft PC Doctor.

Plug-in Cleaning: Plug-in Cleaning function of the Kingsoft PC Doctor is a powerful suspicious plug-in application cleaner program. This function is located at the option of Anti-Trojan and, serve computer users to clean suspicious plug-in application and, defense potential security threats away.

My Startup - Detailed Startup Time: As a newly added feature, "My Startup" displays the detailed startup time of user's PC. Are you still troubling with the slow startup? This useful feature can tell you the reason of your slow startup.

Download: Kingsoft PC Doctor | 15.3 MB (Freeware)
View: Website | Release Notes

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I was a bit suspicous of this, it looks too much like the "software" i see everyday at work, a virus, however on investigation (for my own piece of mind!) its legit! I decided to test it and i am VERY impressed with the results!!

Has some interesting features. But when it recommended that i remove dropbox from startup and remove lastpass, thats when it got removed. They are both very good programs and dont cause problems.

Hi, Thanks for sharing the news and review on Kingsoft PC Doctor with neowin readers, We keep adding new features and doing bug fixes in every release.

The major update which can be referred in changelog in version 3.1.1 is the installation package size optimization and newly added feature - My Startup.

any suggestion or opinion will be highly appreciated

Rep from Kingsoft,

SuperKid said,
There website looks professional but the actual application design reminds me of a virus or malware program.

I agree, looks like one of those fake-antivirus applications. Seems like a decent alternative to Tuneup.

While helpful on Windows XP and to some extent Vista, I find these programs are pretty much unnecessary on Windows 7.