Kingsoft Writer 2012 v8.1.0.2948

Kingsoft Writer Free 2012 is an inexpensive yet powerful word processor program with the qualities matching Microsoft Word and includes a wide range of easy to use features. The easy to use user interface makes Kingsoft Writer an attractive choice of software for complete beginners and even the most advanced users. With Kingsoft Writer, it is easy to create visually stunning documents and manage your files.

Kingsoft Writer 2012 features:

  • A large range of clip arts, charts, shapes and pictures are available to choose from as well as several text effects, such as shadows, 3-D effects, wordart, outlines, emboss engrave, and more.
  • A distinguished feature of inserting and handling tables quickly and conveniently in a document. You can add additional rows and volumes by clicking the shortcut operation on the table.
  • It offers cross-reference functions which refer to an item that appears in another location in a document. It can help you to find the content you are looking for as soon as possible and it also displays the structure of a book in a more systematical and compact way.
  • A mail merging feature enables you to generate many documents at once that contain identical formatting, layout, text, graphics, and more in which only certain portions of each document vary.
  • A built-in equation editor is available for Writer which offers a number of often-used equations and operation symbols. You can easily insert and edit equations and symbols when you edit a document.
  • Diverse document viewing methods make it easy to edit your documents. These functions include the document map, gridlines, ruler, markup, and more.

Download: Kingsoft Writer 2012 v8.1.0.2948 | (44 MB) Freeware
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Not to jack your post, but there are some concerns flying around the net about this software.
I recommend caution with this software. We're currently investigating reports that the software leans more toward the trialware category. Users are reporting that after 1 year the software will no longer function and users are presented with a popup requesting the user purchase the product to continue usage. We have contacted the author, Kingsoft, and they have confirmed these reports. We are currently waiting for them to issue an official statement on their website.

You can follow along and we will update when we know more - http://www.davescomputertips.c...oft-office-suite-free-2012/

Actually, there are two ways to install dictionaries:

First is via Kingsoft Writer: Tools > Options > Spelling > Custom Dictionaries > Add. Then import any .dic files you want.

Alternatively, if you want to replace the default dictionary, you can replace main.dic and main.aff at "C:\ProgramData\Kingsoft\office6\buildins". I've done it (after backups of course), and it really works.

Good dictionary sources include:
(just extract the files)