kMule is a small, lightweight ed2k client without bloat

kMule - short form for "kad mule" - is intended to be the most lightweight eMule compatible client out there. While eMule does a great job, it may contain too much bloat for the everyday user and it's updated not often enough to respond to the users wishes. That's where kMule comes in, it's basically a barebone "mule", designed to run unattended.

kMule features:

  • first KAD ONLY client
  • up-to-date libraries
  • autoupdate system
  • automatic ipfilter/mediainfo updating
  • built-in CA leecher and search fake protection
  • filename disparity check
  • clear user interface
  • enhanced ed2k links and collections with folder support
  • per-directory sharing permissions
  • SNARL support
  • improved first start assistant incl. connection wizard
  • ICS, SOTN, Powershare, Anti-HideOS
  • searchCatch & passive src finding for more sources

Download: kMule Build 20130112 |  (Open Source)
Link: kMule Home Page | Support

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th3rEsa said,
Now there goes the "eMule is dead!!11" bull**** by convinced *torrent users. kMule proves 'em wrong. :-)

a couple of years ago, i tested emule and some server are is still up and running. However, most server hold fake files. In fact, i was unable to find any real file.

I tried downloading the next things:
mp3 : result, a censored mp3 (half of the song is in silence).
video (anime) : a pron file.
iso file : again, a pron file (they renamed the extension).

IMHO, Edonkey is pretty dead, however, is amazing how the "spiritual father of ednonkey" (IRC) is still up and running.