Konami website hints at next Metal Gear coming to Xbox 360

A new official Metal Gear website by Konami has sent rumour mills spinning with word that the cryptic message is a sign that the next instalment will be coming to the Xbox 360. Little is known about the site, and the only words displayed are the Konami logo and an equation, with the subtitle "A Next Metal Gear Is...". Not much to worry over until you realise the equation is written in the signature Xbox green, and the result looks suspiciously like the 360's green power button.

Word of an Xbox 360 Metal Gear Solid has persisted for years, with Hideo Kojima himself denying the existence of a 360 version of the fourth iteration in the series. Metal Gear Solid 2, however, did make an appearance on the original Xbox, in the form of the beefed-up Substance version. Both Kojima and Konami have made comments regarding a fifth Metal Gear Solid publicly before, with Kojima less likely to play a big role in development. Whether or not this move will impact the quality of future titles remains to be seen.

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what would it be about tho 4 seemd to be that it hit the end of its peak i thnk 4 just about ended it but it would be kinda weird to go back to the way thongs were with snake young. unless they try to pull off a star wars kinda thing where its not all in order

I would love to have a Metal Gear for the XBox! But I feel it will not be the same if Hideo Kojima doesn't play as much of an active role as he has in previous titles.
To people who think this will be "MGS5", I'm also afraid to say it has been confirmed that MGS4 was the last in the Metal Gear Solid series.
Perhaps, if there is to be a new game, it will follow Raiden?
But, thats just a hypothesis.

they always over-hype these games. they are good...but they have developed a very interesting marketing strategy.


this is good news. Doesn't matter to me which console it comes out for, I'm just excited that another metal gear might be in the works.

I would like to believe it.. however i have one reason to doubt this seeing as how long Metal Gear Solid 4 has taken to develop..

by the time its ready to release, next generation systems might be out..

They could of been working on it for ages. I remember ages ago that there was a a picture or two with some desks having Xbox360's within the development department. This was when the original rumours were spreading.

The wording itself seems odd to me: "A next Metal Gear is ...". What does that mean anyway? I could understand "And next Metal Gear is ..." or "The next Metal Gear is ..." but as it is written it doesn't make any sense.

indeed ... metal gear is the only game which would make me buy a PS3 ... if it comes to the 360 i can save money

Jeez.... Someone really jumped the gun on this. You're right. It doesn't even hint that its coming to the 360.

The '!' is a well-known MGS symbol (the alert above guards heads when you are spotted), and the ring with a | in it appears on loads of devices...

I'm more inclined to think that the next Metal Gear Solid might be coming to my