Microsoft opens another store in Salt Lake City

Microsoft's quest to expand its retail store space continued today in a new city. The company opened the doors on its newest large scale Microsoft Store today at the City Creek Center in Salt Lake City with its usual hype and ribbon cutting ceremony.

The Microsoft Store Facebook page has an image of the store opening, which is the 33rd such store to open since Microsoft launched its retail initiative in 2009. The number does not count the small specialty stores that Microsoft started opening last fall alongside the launch of Windows 8.

Microsoft's next large store opening will happen this Saturday at the Beachwood Place shopping center in Beachwood, Ohio. Future large store locations will open in San Fransisco, California on April 25 and at Miami, Florida on May 18th.

The company has a number of other large store opening planned in the coming months, including one in Honolulu, Hawaii, but specific opening dates have not yet been announced. Microsoft will also continue to open smaller specialty stores, including a location at the The King of Prussia Mall in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania on Saturday and two more on April 19th at the Fashion Place Mall in Murray, Utah and Providence Place in Providence, Rhode Island.

Source: Microsoft Store on Facebook | Image via Microsoft

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FloatingFatMan said,
I wish they'd get around to opening some of these in the UK...

And releasing Surface Pro here, whether in their own stores or otherwise. Don't they want us to buy them???

Yes but the annoying thing is they've brought out the RT (on or around the same time as in USA, can't quite remember) whereas we're still waiting even for a release date for Pro.

Really, really annoying... slightly making me loose faith with Microsoft tbh.

I am the only one who started playing "Sal Tlay Ka Siti" from Book of Mormon in my head when I read this title?

Love that show!

"Microsofts products are available anywhere unlike Apples products."

Apple products are available everywhere. You can go into any Futureshop, BestBuy etc and seem them.

staples just got the ipad a few months ago.. Bestbuy and Futureshop have apple yes.. but not a lot of smaller stores because they need to "separate" the apple products from the other electronics in the contract to be able to sell them.. that's why you will never see an android tablet or a Microsoft laptop next to a MacBook/Ipad..

Can someone tell me if these Microsoft stores are selling a lot of merchandise? Most of Microsofts products are available anywhere unlike Apples products. Just curious if these stores are really profitable. They can't be selling a lot of computers since a lot of articles on Neowin indicate low sales as a whole.

Who knows, but the more distribution centers there are, the more access the customers have for the products they want and I'd say that's a good thing.

The difference here is that, Microsoft store employees will be trained in Microsoft products. That is not the case with other retailers that simply sell Microsoft products.

The other difference is all systems are clean and void of any spyware, malware and bloated junk. The systems run fast, stable and only have the OS and drivers installed giving the end users a much better experience from the beginning.

The fake 'enthusiasm' they make the employees perform like dancing monkeys at these MS stores has always struck me as odd and a little disturbing.