Latest Windows 8.1 leak has major changes to IE development tools

As we reported on Wednesday, the latest pre-launch build for Windows 8.1 found its way on the Internet. The new Build 9385 has already yielded some interesting changes compared to previous leaked versions of Microsoft's next OS upgrade.

A video posted by Bavogames on YouTube shows off some of the changes in this version of Windows 8.1 They include some additions to the in-house developed Alarms and Movie Moments apps. However, there's also been some major changes to something that will affect website creators; the development tools put into Internet Explorer 11.

As McAkins Online points out, the video shows that the tools, brought up by pressing the F12 key, have received a new user interface that's similar to that of the current Visual Studio UI. This is apparently the first major change to these tools since the launch of IE8 several years ago.

Microsoft will likely launch a public preview build of Windows 8.1 during its BUILD conference in San Fransisco in mid-June, and will almost certainly follow up with a final RTM launch later this summer. The launch of Windows 8.1 could also be a catalyst for Microsoft and third party PC makers to release new products, which might include 7 or 8 inch tablets.

Source: Bavogames on YouTube via McAkins Online

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Kudos to the IE team. I love the new interface, however, the icons can be more clear, but it's a milestone, not even a beta... The only thing that still has to happen now is an Improved options screen and of course improvements to Trident, and I'm happy.

Yes, I like IE but this does need updating to keep up with the times. It isn't terrible though, and I think the phrase "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" still apples here.

ah, but will the parse tree re-open to the same spot as you had it when you refresh the page? That's literally the most frustrating thing about using the IE developer tools - inspect a problem element, fix it in dev, refresh the page and, oh, I have to drill down to the element again. grrr....

IE has finally caught up with Firefox and Chrome (RE web developer features). Not a fan of the theme though (I know it's still in beta).