Leaked Sprint document reveals Palm Pre launching May 16th

Earlier this year while we were at CES 2009, mobile phone fanatics around the world were introduced to the Palm Pre (See our post with the specs, screenshots, and video). Over the past few months there have been rumors regarding the release date of the highly anticipated device.

It appears that Palm isn't going to hold back any longer and is ready to take on Apple and its iPhone. According to a leaked document that Engadget has released, Sprint is currently set to release the device no later or earlier than May 16th.

Previously we reported on a rumored date of March 15th, while Palm has reassured the world of a first half year release. With the new data coming from Sprint, we are now down to a release between May 16th and June 30th at the latest. The countdown now begins, and while you're waiting check out this awesome video from our friends over at PhoneDog.com showcasing some of the latest Palm Pre applications announced at CTIA '09 in Las Vegas.

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If they made this Windows Mobile compatible (no chance, right) then I'd definitely get it! I wanna run WinMo 7 when it comes out! But the WebOS looks very slick, while still being more productive than the iPhone.

Been waiting on this blooming thing for far too long now.

I hope the plans aren't iPhone esque as they are complete crap except for the truely unlimited data plan.

The phone looks pretty amazing, but no chance I am switching to Sprint for it. I have only heard bad things about Spring service in my area.

I have not understood why phone manufacturers limit their flagship device to one cell phone provider.