Leaked trailer includes possible name for Halo on Xbox One: 'Halo 5'

Back at E3, we were shown a trailer of the next game in the Halo franchise for Xbox One. An alternate version of that trailer was posted on the Twitter and Facebook pages of the animation company responsible for its creation, with one major difference: the word 'Halo' has been replaced with 'Halo 5'.

While this may simply be a placeholder name, it may also have been an alternate trailer that Microsoft decided not to show, to add a sense of mystery to the teaser that shows a hooded Master Chief within a desert. 

The tweet containing a link to the trailer (now set to private) said:

More new work from the Axis crew - came out a while back, the Halo Xbox One launch trailer.

This leak follows the game being accidentally listed on the Microsoft Store, with a brief plot outline, although the game was simply named "Halo."

The new Halo game is scheduled for a 2014 release and back at E3, 343 Industries' Bonnie Ross stated that this iteration of the hugely successful series will make use of cloud computing, which will help the game to run at a "blistering 60 frames a second." 

via Gamestorm | ​Microsoft showing final Xbox One image courtesy of Shutterstock

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Halo 5 for a name is just to soon. Unless they are in the works while they released Halo 4 back then. I think would be sequel to the original Halo 4.

Even the leaked story has been pulled down from Microsoft's website. Microsoft are messing people up lately and not surprising.

I just don't give a **** any more.

I thought this would be a new trailer showing more. Seen this trailer quite some time ago.
Can't wait to be playing it on the XBOX One though.

Guys, i343 was clear when they did Halo 4 that it was the start of a new saga/story/arc. Why would the next game not be called Halo 5 and be called something else? If the next halo doesn't have MC in it then sure, I can see a different name, but it does so no reason to change it.

Of course later on when you get to silly high numbers you can do the CoD trick and add a subtitle to the main and then start numbers over again.

You mean that after Halo 4, they're going to release Halo 5?

That's amazing news, who could see that coming?