Leap motion gesture add-on launch delayed to July 22nd

Less than three weeks before the highly anticipated Leap motion gesture hardware add-on device for Windows and Mac PCs was supposed to ship to the people who pre-ordered it, its creators at Leap Motion have announced that the launch has been pushed back by over two months.

CNET reports that Leap Motion will now start shipping the Leap to pre-orders on July 22nd, rather than its previous target date of May 13th. In a conference call, Leap Motion CEO Michael Buckwald claimed that the company could have started shipping the $79.99 add-on on time to its pre-order customers, but it now feels that more time is needed to test the Leap before it is officially released.

Leap Motion will start a beta testing program sometime in early June, which will allow developers who have been using the Leap SDK access to the final product. Leap Motion will also invite a few non-developers to take part in the beta test.

Buckwald claims that Leap Motion has a whopping 600,000 units of the Leap ready to go right now, but added, "Ultimately, the only way we felt 100% confident we could deliver a truly magical product that would do justice to this new form of interaction, was to push the date so we would have more time for a larger, more diverse beta test."

Source: CNET | Image via Leap Motion

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It looks like something thats designed for a Mac, and i always see them using a Mac when they demonstrate it. Beyond stupid IMO, as something like this is very obviously perfectly suited for Win 8.

it'll be fully certified for Win8. they demo Macs because they probably use macs most at work. I've got mine pre-ordered and can't wait to use it with Win8.

Yeah i know it works with Win 8, it's just odd they don't show it off more using that OS as i'm sure most people buying this will be Win 8 users. They also could have designed it to look like a square Win 8 tile (instead of a Mac-looking accessory), that would have been a nice touch.

We have a couple preordered for work to use with our CAD programs. They also have a plugin for Google Maps which looks pretty cool.

This is definitely going to hurt their reputation, but will it hurt it more than the benefit received by waiting. I sure hope they weighted this properly.