Left 4 Dead update released, fixes exploits, tweaks gameplay

A new update was released yesterday by Valve which fixes numerous bugs, exploits, and performance issues, as well as a few tweaks to gameplay. The game was made available in late 2008, and despite a very warm welcome, received criticism for the bugs and exploits in the game.

However, gamers will be pleased to hear that the new patch release notes mention many of the common complaints that players had, in particular the matchmaking bugs. The almost unavoidable co-operative element in the game means that most players who have played the game for several hours or more have probably experienced issues, in one form or another, in the matchmaking facility. Assuming that the patch fix-lists are correct, that should no longer be a problem.

Amongst improved loading times, improvements to the HUD and UI, and command cheats being disabled, the Tank and Witch now appear at the same percentage into the map for both teams: i.e. where the Tank or Witch appear for one team, it will appear for the next. The patch is already available for PC, through the Steam client, and will be made available for Xbox 360 users in the coming weeks. A full list of updates and fixes can be found here, on the Steam website.

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What they should do next is integrate the server browser and fix the player limits so they are modifiable that way the modding community can grow at a faster pace. The modding community is what has made Valve games successful so far.

i.e. where the Tank or Witch appear for one team, it will appear for the next.

Not sure I like the idea of the tank/witch always being in the same spot. The team to go human second will know exactly when to expect them.


Wait a second, it doesn't say they spawn in the same spot in the changelog.

# Tank spawns at the same % through the map for both teams in versus mode
# Made the Tank and Witch spawn directly on the escape route
# Increased chance of getting the Tank or Witch

Well it was more because on one teams go, the witch might appear in a completely open space where she's easy to avoid, but the next team might get her in an unavoidable corridor, but yeah I see what you mean.

Actually, in a way it does.

If you remember, part of Versus's scoring system is the % of the map you've traveled.

So if the first play of a map the Tank spawns at 67% way through, it'll spawn there the second time. Somehow I doubt it'll spawn at the exact location where it did last time however, just the general area.

I would guess that by percentage it means: x amount of pixels explored out of y (total pixels) for example.

So yeah, it spawns in the same area, give or take 2 minutes.