Lenovo 8-inch Mix 8 Windows 8 tablet confirmed

It looks like we can expect quite a few smaller Windows 8 tablets to be released over the coming months. So far, Acer has confirmed it will launch the 8-inch Iconia W3 product at the end of June for $379. Also, a reference design for a 7-inch tablet was spotted at Computex 2013.

Now Win8China has posted a number of photos taken from Microsoft's Computex 2013 trade show keynote address. The pictures near the bottom of the gallery clearly show a person holding up what appears to be an 8-inch tablet with the Lenovo brand name on the back. In a transcript of the keynote address on Microsoft's website, the tablet is called the Mix 8 by Microsoft team member Leigha Anderson.

This confirms that Lenovo will join Acer in launching a smaller Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 tablet. Anderson said the Mix 8 would be thin, have 3G wireless support and come with folio and pen. There's no word on what chip it will have inside but we suspect it will have some version of Intel's Atom processor, either the current Clover Trail design or the upcoming Bay Trail chip.

This will almost certainly be just the start of several reveals by PC OEMs about their own 7 or 8-inch Windows 8 tablets over the next several weeks and months. It will be interesting to see how all these tablets will stack up in terms of hardware, features and most importantly on price.

Source: Win8China via The Verge | Images via Win8China

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Samsung already started with Ativ.
But there are some problems with Ativ.
When putting back to dock sometimes need to restart.
and better if we start with 128GB or bigger SSD

and also need processor which is designed for tablet. Haswell maybe good but newer processor is on the way. that maybe good

Its interesting im just very surprised oems and MS are pushing full windows in the 7-8" tablet space. That space looks perfect for WindowsRT and consumption based use in my opinion.

No point having RT when you can have full Win 8 that does literally everything RT does and more. The price of Win 8 has also been lowered for OEM's for 7 - 9" tablets so there goes the only advantage RT had.

Intel have likely overtaken ARM in performance with their upcoming Bay Trail SoC, and it also offers atleast as good battery life (probably better as it's 22nm). With a full OS, free Office 2013, and these new intel SoC's, these tablets will be vastly superior to anything Google or Apple have. You'd have to be brain dead to buy anything else.

1Pixel said,
No point having RT when you can have full Win 8 that does literally everything RT does and more. The price of Win 8 has also been lowered for OEM's for 7 - 9" tablets so there goes the only advantage RT had.

Indeed. I plan to buy a 7" Tablet but only if it has W8 Pro and full handwriting capabilities.

RT is still a long term play, while I agree that RT would be suited for smaller tablets like these, until the app store is more mature (and I think that will happen fairly rapidly starting this Christmas) it's just too much of a risk I guess.

However, if OEMs were to make the devices cheaper and try and hit the £99-199 spot occupied by most small Android tablets, RT would be the only way to do that.

Unfortunately none of the OEMs seem to be that fussed about RT because they don't think it sells. They don't seem to realise that by making all their RT tablets more expensive than full featured Windows 8 versions (seriously, in the UK the ASUS and Samsung RT tablets were £550! The Atom versions are the same price and in the case of Acer and Asus, were cheaper, madness.) they were never going to sell well. Heck, Surface RT was cheaper and that's a premium device so the plastic Samsung version shouldn't have been more than £350. THAT would have sold better.

I think the only small RT device we'll see this batch will come from Microsoft, though hopefully they'll offer a cheaper RT option and a more expensive Atom based device too so people can choose what they want based on features and price.