Lenovo outsells Apple PCs, takes third spot in the US

Lenovo is apparently the new superstar of the PC industry, constantly shipping new and critically acclaimed devices and increasing their marketshare worldwide. Their latest financial report shows this trend continues and Lenovo has even overtaken Apple in the US.

Lenovo has been on some sort of winning streak lately, being the only PC OEM showing strong gains, revenues and profits in a market that's rapidly declining. Not only that, but its devices have received constant praise from industry watchers and consumers alike.

This latest financial report covers Lenovo’s Q4 of its fiscal year that ended March 31st 2014. According to the data, the company saw a very strong fourth quarter and also had a record setting year in terms of revenue and earnings.

During the past fiscal year Lenovo shipped 55 million PCs, 50 million smartphones and 9.2 million tablets. In terms of the “Tablet + PC” category that's an 18 percent increase compared to last year which is 13% above market.

The manufacturer has also had a great year in terms of revenue and earnings. Revenue was up 14% year over year reaching $38.7 billion, while earnings increased by 29% year over year to $817 million.

The company claims it has outsold Apple in terms of PCs in the Americas, leading it to become the number three manufacturer of PCs in the US with 10.8% marketshare, after Dell and HP.

Lenovo has also seen massive gains of PC shipments in Europe, the Middle-East and African regions, with a combined increase of 33% during Q4. This accounted for 27% of the company’s worldwide sales.

Finally you may remember that Lenovo has also recently purchased Motorola, and the company has $3.5 billion in cash reserves; so it’s a very safe bet to assume it will push its smartphone and PC business even further this year.

Source: Businesswire via: Endgaget | Image via Lenovo

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Steven P. said,
Agreed, but Lenovo also have premium devices at premium prices too :p

Not to sure about those "premium" devices, but am positive about those "premium" prices.

Roger H. said,
Thinkpads forever! :p

Saying that is enough to make me want to :x

I have a Thinkpad laptop here and of the 4 laptops I have, I like my Toshiba and 2 HP's better. Of the 4 laptops, the Thinkpad SHOULD easily be the fastest, but it's definitely not, and all 4 are setup EXACTLY the same.

I work on more Thinkpads than any other brand also. May be it's the most popular, but definitely not the best quality, IMO. I know I'll never buy a Thinkpad, which I didn't buy the one I have.

Everyone has their own experiences and I wont discount yours. I'll just say I recommend them all day long over any HP business machines (wont even touch consumer side) and Toshiba doesn't even get a first look from me. :sick:

My Thinkpad 600x and 760ED and T40, T43, T60, T61, T410s are all great and working still and the 600x is 20yrs old! The T4x series wasn't so great but T6x and T4xx are good in my book. Getting ready to get a T440s now after months of review reading and comparisons.

I'd take a Dell Latitude over a Toshiba anyday also and the HP Elitebook & Probooks are good IMO, not great. I think ASUS has better ones in SOME cases.

The build quality of their products is amazing, and they have excellent price. Plus they've started to make some good looking products. Keep up the good job

Umm... Windows PCs in general have outselled Apple PCs for quite some time. Apple PCs are only a very small portion of marketshare. Unless they are not using the term PC properly.

But Apple does really well in the $1000+ market, which is where most of the profits are. A lot of OEMs were making good money on volume when $300 garbage PCs loaded with junkware were popular, but now that people aren't buying new PCs are much, expect to see some of those garbage OEMs (like Acer) die off.

Cool that the "original PC" company is again the darling. (For those who don't know, Lenovo for the most part, is the IBM PC Company (IBMPCC) which was sold off to Lenovo in 2005). I think Lenovo's resurgence shows what good things can happen when you decouple a specialized (but still large) organization to innovate in it's space and not be incumbered by larger corporate goals and issues. IBMPCC was always jerked around and hobbled by mismanagement from IBM corporate. Now they are a real stand-alone PC company and things have really changed for the better.

trojan_market said,
New beast in town. Surface pro 3 will outsell both

Probably not. But it will drag the rest of the PC industry upward in quality and innovation -- which is exactly what Microsoft is trying to do.

And in the mean time, a relative few will choose a superior computer and enjoy the hell out of it. :)

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