Lenovo reveals furniture range designed for its 27-inch Windows 8 touch-PC

Lenovo started selling the massive 27-inch IdeaCentre Horizon all-in-one touchscreen PC running on Windows 8 in April, but what do you do with such a big PC once you have it in your home? This week, Lenovo revealed three different custom furniture designed to incorporate the giant device, including one made for children.

Lenovo's press release shows off the "Treehouse" model, created by Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs, that looks like it would be right at home in a child's bedroom. Beaumont is quoted as saying:

Technology has become an important part of everyday living, and this design showcases Horizon’s ability to interact with children and people of all ages, enabling them to discover, create and play. Much more than a piece of furniture, the Treehouse is an extension of creativity and fun with a secret hiding spot underneath for toys; a child’s dreams come true.

Lenovo's other two furniture designs are made for more conventional PC tasks. One is "The Next," created by Input Creative Studio, that's made for a "family game night" scenario. The other design, shown below, is called "AT-UM." Made by UM Project designer François Chambard, the furiture was made to incorporate the IdeaCentre Horizon in an office setting,

While Lenovo is showing off these pieces, they are not actually selling them directly. Instead, prospective buyers of the IdeaCentre Horizon PC can contact the furniture designers directly for availability and a price quote.

Source: Lenovo | Images via Lenovo

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Interesting situation when you are buying a custom desk for your computer. Not really a bad thing I guess, just interesting.

I think these were designed for young kids in mind aka elementary schools, preschools, home etc.... not your office cubical

I'm sure there are some applications for touch screens on a desktop, but really, keyboard + mouse is far more efficient and comfortable than reaching around to tap things. It might be good for kids and maybe some art programs...

Maybe there would be some use in Minority Report-like swiping windows or media around, but I'd think that the Kinect for Windows would be more comfortable to use... I still think mouse would be more efficient. I mean, if you have to open a context menu or something, you'll have to go back to the mouse anyway.

You know what? This is awesome. Everyone complains that OEMs aren't pushing boundaries enough, but this is why Lenovo is the only major PC OEM who has had increased sales in this tough market.

I wouldn't buy everything above, but heck, these guys are thinking outside the box, and they have my interest piqued. They are showcasing great ideas. Well done Lenovo.

These are the kind of devices that should have been ready back in October for the Windows 8 launch. Something to generate interest., not 6 month old laptops with Win 8 slapped on them.