LG unveils its new 34-inch ultrawide Quad HD curved monitor

At the end of last month, LG unveiled an absolutely beastly new 4K TV - 105-inches in size, curved and featuring Ultra HD resolution, the massive display comes with an equally monstrous price tag of $117,000. Perhaps the only thing more astonishing is that the LG is practically a bargain compared with Samsung's similarly spec'ed device, which costs a staggering $129,000.

Let's be realistic though - most potential buyers can't come close to affording prices like that. But perhaps more will be able to splash out on LG's latest (albeit much smaller) curved display. 

Thunderbolt 2 connectivity makes it easy to 'daisy chain' monitors together

The 34-inch LG IPS 21:9 Curved UltraWide Monitor was unveiled by the company today, ahead of its full début at IFA 2014 in Germany next month. Designed to work with both PCs and Macs, the LG 34UC97 offers Quad HD (3440x1440px) resolution, along with Thunderbolt 2 connectivity, which allows displays to be easily 'daisy chained' together.

7W stereo speakers are integrated into its curved body; LG says that "by adding a gentle curve to a 21:9 aspect ratio monitor, [it] has created a unique product that delivers a more immersive experience." Exactly how much that product will cost remains unclear for now, although we expect to hear more about that at IFA. 

LG also announced its new Digital Cinema 4K Monitor, a 31-inch flat IPS LCD designed for broadcast production, design and photography, which will be unveiled at IFA alongside the 24GM77 Gaming Monitor, which includes a refresh rate of 144Hz, and special software that helps to reduce motion blur. 

Source and image: LG

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Ovidiu Goa said,
bezels in between ? no thanks, what is this, 2006 ?
I believe that's how all multi monitor setups are currently.

No no no, they have curved DLP monitors that are actually 3 separate units combined into 1 without the bezel :) They are superior in image and quality and a LOT cheaper.

Don't like curved display tech. In order to get the curved "effect" you ALWAYS have to sit at the right distance and in the middle.

Rather they put money towards 120HZ IPS monitors! :D

120Hz will always be a niche since nothing besides super-high-end gaming gets any benefit from it. I usually even run my laptops at 40Hz or 30Hz because it saves a surprisingly large amount of battery and you don't notice the difference if you're just surfing. And for video 24Hz and 25Hz are ideal.

Yay for 21:9. Everything else seems square, hopefully this will encourage more game support which can be pretty sketchy.

panacea said,
Without the price it is pointless. All I want to know if this is affordable or not.

It won't be affordable - it's a higher end monitor :p I would guess that it will run around $1200 - $1300

SkyyPunk said,

It won't be affordable - it's a higher end monitor :p I would guess that it will run around $1200 - $1300

well, then. i love to buy higher end stuff... but throwing $1200 on a MONITOR is just out of the question.

i love my IPS monitors, and i would never shell out more then $300 for one. curved or not. the consumers value is just not there, even if you have the money, it seem like wasting money on this.

i would consider $500-$700, it is a large screen after all. but otherwise, it is not meant for everyday gamers, or people showing off... it is too expensive.

i would like to own top of the range mercedes. i don't plan to buy a freaking roles-royse.

George P said,
I thought it'd be just one panel but it still looks like 3 different ones stuck together.
Just search for LG 34UC97 and you'll find plenty of info and pictures on this monitor.

This looks sweet. I'm sure it'll cost an arm and a leg so not sure if I want to be left with only 1 limb to get a trio of these :)

Geezy said,
I'd probably enjoy it for 5 minutes and then curse the distortion it causes to the image

The curve looks enough subtle, I doubt you'd notice the distortion.
Perhaps they could perform an "anamorphic compensation" too.