Linksys rolls out home-network storage system

Linksys has rolled out a network storage system aimed at home and small office users. The news comes just hours after Microsoft announced its Windows Home Server device, manufactured by HP, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Linksys' NAS200 Network Storage System, which will retail at $179.99, will not use the new Microsoft Home Server software.

It will not rely on any PC-based client software, but will instead be controlled through what the company calls "a web-based management utility". The NAS200 has a pair of 3.5in Sata hard drive bays and two USB ports, but no built-in storage devices. Customers will have to purchase and install hard drives separately.

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I am pretty sure it would be either Linux-based or very hackable, just like the most of Linksys stuff. Now, the absence of an Ethernet port would make this a non-existant device for me. Come on, home networking is on the new level now, it's 2007 and I want my data to be accessible 24/7 on its own, without being shared through a PC.

Don't they already have hard drive enclosures that have Ethernet connections? $180 seems a bit high and you still need to buy 1 or 2 drives for it.

Why avoid it? I bet it is a pretty solid product. I've had nothing but luck with my Linksys products. The only ones I've had to replace were victims of a lightening storm and even then, parts of them still worked after that. I've been waiting for more companies to release stuff like this before I take the plunge. I think I'll pick one up, slap 2x 500gb drives in it, and back up all of my PCs to it regularly.

I haven't had any problems with them either. Never owned anything HP but they seem decent (from using friend's computers). So to control it, you basically login remotely from another machine, right?

Defiantly a product to avoid, I have had nothing but problems with my Linksys WRK54G and despite nice people at tech support they can't come up working a working solution just some standard answers. Email'd them and they do not reply. Will wait and see what others provide.