Live blog: Converged Infrastructure with HP

Neowin is live blogging coverage of a presentation by HP, discussing converged technology. The keynote speaker is Paul Perez, VP and Chief Technologist, StorageWorks Division, who will be showcasing HP’s vision and direction of the storage market.

The event is schedule to go from 9 am to 11:15 am (CDT) - stay tuned for coverage below:

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huh? build quality issues? besides the classics like a few HD failures here and then I've yet to encounter a single problem with them, things went from pretty good with the 1st generations, to awesome on the G6s
which models were your Proliants?

The thing I am finding out about hps storage and servers is their quality. They really need to work on it. We bought 2 proliant servers. The hdd cages on both servers had to be replaced along with the hdds in them.

Hp's stuff is cheaper then dells but quality doesn't compare. I really hope HP works on build quality.