Live Mesh may emerge as Microsoft 'cloud' platform

Originally positioned as a Web-based service for synchronizing files and data folders across different devices, Microsoft's Live Mesh is poised to emerge as a cloud-based development environment at the company's Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in October. According to the agenda for the PDC, Microsoft plans to provide a clearer view into how developers can build APIs to leverage Live Mesh -- which the company is calling a "cloud services and client platform" -- to connect applications and services across various devices.

This is a slightly new positioning for Live Mesh, which Microsoft introduced in April as a folder-sharing and synchronization service. While the company introduced a developer component for the platform so that applications could be created for it, Live Mesh was mainly presented as a consumer service for helping people synchronize different file folders and other data across different devices by putting them on the "mesh."

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i love the idea of cloud computing, but hate the idea of one company being in control of the cloud. what happens when they start scanning for "suspected illegally obtained files" and removing them from the cloud so they don't get sued for hosting them? or until they start inserting ads into your meshing experience :suspicious:

It has been stated that at some point they want people to be able to host their own version of the mesh so that not everything is through Microsoft's servers. I'm not saying that this will prove to be successful (and who knows about pricing), but it should be worth keeping an eye on.

Yeah.... Live Mesh was planned to be a cloud-based service from the start. They have always been planning on letting developers create applications that live on the mesh, and this is nothing new...

I have just been able to install this...and I'm in the UK!!!! I didn't need to change my regional settings or anything. I just saw this story, thought I would check out Mesh and lo and behold, it asked if I wanted to install mesh.

Will check this out now over the next few days. :)

Edit: Added my laptop, then tried to install Live on my pc in other room, same network, and it sits there "Live Mesh failed to start. Click here to restart".

No matter what I try to do the 2nd pc will not work. :grrr:

It's amasing.
It allows me to penetrate all NATs, firawalls, routers and gateways so that I can access my computer at work. Haven't seen anything like that (aside from Hamachi)

I really like this service, there are a few bugs to be worked out and some really good feature suggestions on Connect. I've been using this service on 3 machines and occasionally remote in to my home pc from work using the Mesh website. I have to say I'm impressed with it so far and look forward to seeing it improve.