Live OneCare Home Page Crashes Internet Explorer 7 x64

So I'm sitting here trying to get the Windows Live OneCare version 1.6 story up on the front page, and I can't figure out why Internet Explorer 7 keeps crashing. I've never ever seen it crash before. And yet, it always seems to happily commit suicide right before I'm done putting the news article together. I finally track the problem down to the fact I keep launching the OneCare home page to grab the link.

Yes, you read correctly. It would appear that Microsoft's Windows Live OneCare home page causes IE7 64bit to crash. I took the liberty of downloading Firefox x64 to make sure it had nothing to do with 64bit web browsers in general. Nope, Firefox loaded the page just fine. How embarrassing for Microsoft. The issue has been reproduced on two separate Windows Vista machines with entirely different configurations. Can anyone confirm the issue with IE7 x64 on XP?

Note: On Vista x64, IE7 32bit will load the site correctly.

Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: Windows Live OneCare

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It's not a user error, too many are affected by it. It's more likely a combination of the "right" settings / editions of the software. A user error would be misusing the software, but I can't imagine that being the case here with so many sharing the problem.

Primtime2006, get your facts straight before you post dumb comments.

My sarcastic put down of MS was just that, a joke. Lighten up a little man, get out a bit.
This is happening to rather a few too many people for it to be user error as you put it.

And the Microsoft Home Page may crash computers (BSOD), put them working 100% and refuse to load on 32 bits systems, if you use a ISA Firewall with cache ON, and HTTP Compression enabled, in the Public Interface, but it works fine if you just enable one of this features.

call me a noob but where did you read that Live OneCare supports Vista x64? From what I see in help Live OneCare Help - System Requirements it clearly mentions that v1.5 does not support x64 Vista. I see that you are talking about v1.6 but did you read somewhere that it supports x64 Vista?

Also that help page says that you need to be logged in as an admin, did you try that?

@Sanddy: These aren't people trying to install OneCare, this is caused by simply navigating to the OneCare homepage, regardless of whether OneCare is installed or not.

Now the question is why this doesn't affect everyone: Maybe it has to do with whether Protected Mode is off or on (Mine is off and it crashes for example).

For everyone saying it doesn't crasy, use the 64 bit version of IE, it does crash. I think a lot of people don't even know about the 64bit version of IE. Even on Vista/XP x64, you use the 32bit version of IE by default because almost no plugins work in the 64 bit version, and on top of that it's quite pointless since your web browser will never utilize enough resources to need to be 64 bit.

I speak as a fairly long-standing member of Neowin and a lurker for longer still (still check it daily), but would like to express my concern about the quality of front page news... Especially this frontpage "NEOWIN EXCLUSIVE" of...... a browser crashing......

Given that Neowin describes itself as a place where "unprofessional journalism looks better", I really think the editors of this otherwise incredible site and forum should be more concerned about what news makes it onto the front page.

Other areas of concern include where "Software News" in the past has consisted of around 4-5 front page articles on minor build updates to utorrent and where the main news has obvious spelling/grammatical errors where the author simply has not bothered reading through their post before dumping it on the front page of one of the world's most popular tech sites which isn't really acceptable.

This is not a personal attack, just a suggestion to the administrators to perhaps put more effort into QA of the news section of the site.

Otherwise, keep up the good work!

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