Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse announced

Logitech is now entering the MMO gaming mouse space that has previously been cornered by companies such as Razer and SteelSeries. Today, Logitech announced its plans to release the G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, with a total of 20 buttons, including 12 that are made especially for playing massively multiplayer games.

The 12 thumb buttons are on the left side of the G600 and are arranged in two groups of six. Logitech claims the design has been created in consultation with MMO game developers and gamers in order to make sure that the buttons can be used with no-look navigation and gameplay.

The G600 also comes with three pre-loaded gamer profiles, two for MMO gaming and one for general PC gaming. The mouse's G-Shift function can also double the actions gamers can perform with any button. Logitech's software can also be used to create custom MMO mouse profiles for any game. The thumb buttons generate their own light and users can customize the color setting with up to 16 million possible combinations.

In terms of what's inside the mouse, the G600 has support for up to 8200 dots per inch (DPI) and a 1 millisecond USB report rate. The DPI rate can be adjusted on the fly with the DPI Switch button. The mouse will be released later in July for $79.99

Source: Logitech

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Looks alright, ugly, but comfortable.

Been using the Naga for a while, just switch back to it after trying the Corsair M90 (DO NOT BUY THIS MOUSE SOFTWARE IS TERRIBLE AND THE BUTTONS ARE NOT A GOOD LAYOUT)

The problem i had with the naga (and would be the same on this mouse) is i only use the first 6 buttons on the left, and the I use 'ctrl + 1-6' for additional commands, feels awkward to use the rear buttons 7-12 honestly.

Might consider one of these some time if i ever need to replace my naga.

They're a bit late to the MMO gaming mouse party, considering the Razer Naga has been out of almost three years. At least they've managed to make a mouse that looks even more uncomfortable to use than the Naga...