Look 'n' Stop 2.06 Beta 2

Look 'n' Stop is a personal Firewall. Secured by Look 'n' Stop, your PC becomes fully invisible to net hackers by stopping all suspicious traffic. Rated among the highest firewall in leak tests. Unlike other firewalls, Look 'n' Stop is optimized to keep your computer and your connection running at peak performance, consuming very little resources. Look n Stop comes preconfigured and ready to use out of the box, you can easily set it up with a few mouse clicks. Look 'n' Stop is detected as a trusted firewall by the Microsoft Windows Security Center (Windows XP SP2). Look 'n' Stop is compatible with ICS - You can share your Internet connection safely between several computers. Look 'n' Stop also has build in support for powerful plug-in extensions to add functionality. The individual Look 'n' Stop license has no time limit. There is no annual fee.

Here is the list of changes:


* DLL filtering for Windows Vista.


    * New display options in the TCP connections dialog box.
    * Added more information for TCP SPI alerts (Windows 2000/XP/Vista only)


    * Windows 2000/XP/Vista only: Several fixes and improvements in TCP Stateful Packet Inspection (in particular in timeout handling)
    * Problem sometimes when doing rule copy/paste in Internet Filtering.
    * Problem sometimes when displaying IP address in Application Filtering alerts.
    * For Win9x/Me only: connected applications were never removed from the list in the Application Filtering tab.
* View full changelog here....

Download: Look 'n' Stop 2.06 Beta 2 (shareware)
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: Home Page

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I have been Vista's firewall for outgoing and incoming connections.
Although it took me a while to work out how to use outgoing firewall.

So far it has worked great.

yeh i fully agree with MichaelBL...comodo is really a proper firewall that is simply amazing at wot it does and the fact that its freeware....its really a joint venture..

I haven't tried this beta yet, but LnS is far from useless. At least version 2.05 was one of the best firewalls out there and with very low resource usage (about 5 MB of RAM).

You can also check a comparison at Firewall Leak Tester.

Yeah I don't know what the problem is on your end ThePitt, but LnS is probably the best software based firewall money can buy. Its hardly noticeable, runs great, works great, and scores usually as the top firewall in many tests from several top security sites.

Highly recommended firewall.