Lumia 1320 promotional video emphasizes "big and beautiful"

After months of rumours and speculation and weeks after its announcement, Nokia has finally released a promotional video of the Lumia 1320 in all of its glory.

Dubbed “big and beautiful”, the 48 second promo displays 360 views of the generous 6-inch HD screen.  The video also depicts the phone in orange, matte yellow, matte black and glossy white - a trend which Nokia began.

We also see a short glimpse of Temple Run, exemplifying WP’s expansion of popular apps available for the platform. The exclusive Storyteller and camera roll apps are also previewed in the clip.

The latest addition to the Lumia line-up sports a 1.7 GHZ Dual-Core Snapdragon processor alongside 1GB of memory. While the phone's capacity is limited to 8GB, a much welcome micro SD card slot will allow up to 64GB expansion. The solid 5MP Auto Focus flash camera is also capable of HD 1080p video recording. Not bad for the rock-bottom starting price of just US$339.

The device is expected to debut in China and Vietnam in early 2014.

Source: WPCentral | Image via Nokia

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Am am producing a short 3D advertisement just like this movie. If you can do such 3D work, please get in touch with me and I will see if my company can hire you. Ideally, you are living in the US, in the Bay (Silicon Valley) area.

The main issue is only 8GB on board storage. So what if you have an expandable card if you can't store a lot on the device since apps can't be stored on a card with Windows Phone. Too big for me as well. I prefer a 5 inch or so size.

The 1320, 525 and 625 are some of Nokia's most anticipated phones and none of them have a US release date yet. There seems to be a distinct lack of mid-range phones in N.A. Fortunately, some WP8 originals can be picked up off contract at a reasonably price like the HTC 8X, Ativ S and Lumia 920.

I can almost be certain that the reason of no US launch date yet, is because the carriers are working out exclusive variations of the 1320

Thief000 said,
For the same size I'd rather have the 1080p Lumia 1520.

Yeah, but it's all about price, I mean this thing is $340 when the 1520 is $700. The 1320 could be a good seller because I don't think you'll find any other 6" phablet for that low.

deadonthefloor said,

The extra column of tiles tells me 1080p

It's 720p, the extra column isn't resolution based, it's screen size based. I even heard that you might be able to have it on smaller screens but I'm not sure. I think any device that's 5" or bigger will have the extra column but that it could be turned off by the OEM.

Yes it's true, I think I saw a leaked firmware Lumia 920 with the extra columns somewhere (which was scrapped apparently).

Edited by Thief000, Nov 29 2013, 5:11pm :