Lumia 635 heads to US, "promotional pricing" from $99 off-contract

Last week, the Lumia 635 appeared on the Microsoft Store site - but just as suddenly as it appeared, it then vanished. Microsoft explained to Neowin that the page was removed as it contained "inaccurate information", and that its carrier partners would announce their US launch plans for the device in due course. 

Today, T-Mobile became the first to officially launch the device in the United States. It will initially be available exclusively via the Home Shopping Network for prepaid customers from July 5; on July 9, the carrier will make it available via its own website, before launching it in "participating T-Mobile stores" on July 16. The handset will be available for $0 on a $7/month postpaid 'Simple Choice' plan. 

From July 18th, the Lumia 635 will also be available via MetroPCS, both in stores and online, "for a promotional price of $99". The company has not yet revealed how much the handset will cost once this promotional pricing ends. However, Microsoft announced recommended pricing of $189 for the device earlier this month. 

Apart from adding 4G LTE support, the Lumia 635 is otherwise identical to the 3G-only Lumia 630. It features a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, 512MB of RAM, 8GB of storage and a 5MP rear camera. However, the camera lacks a flash, and there is no front-facing 'selfie cam' either.

T-Mobile describes the Lumia 635 as "the proud successor to the Lumia 521", the carrier's exclusive variant of the ultra-low-cost Lumia 520. Some have argued that the 630 succeeds the Lumia 625, but this is evidently not the case. 

Source: T-Mobile

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No flash and no front facing camera is a huge fail for this device. IMO these are features that every smartphone in the US should have unless you are willing to lose 50-70% of your potential customers.

This is a starter phone. I agree it does lack some features, front camera, compass, and gyroscope. It does however get someone into the Microsoft phone eco system. It does have Cortana and SensorCore. I have the 630 as a development phone. I also have a 1520, 810, 520 and HTC8x. All but the 1520 are from development. So I have used a broad selection of Windows phone, this is a good phone. For $99 you also get the HERE maps which are downloaded to the phone. You get Xbox music. I believe, like the 630, it has a slot for sd card, that means an additional 64 gb for storage can be added.

$7 a month for 24 months is $168 while the promotional price is $99?

Guess they charge 69% interest on those 0% interest loans for cheap phones. Literally WTF T-mobile.

anothercookie said,
$7 a month for 24 months is $168 while the promotional price is $99?

Guess they charge 69% interest on those 0% interest loans for cheap phones. Literally WTF T-mobile.

With a suggest sales price at 189, that isnt bad either... And that is generally how monthly payments work. You pay a lot more =/.

True, but gives a good "intro" to Windows Phone 8x.

The 520, pay as you go (on sale for $40 during xmas sale) made the best offline gps, mp3 w/ bluetooth, reddit / e-mail / browser I could of ever bought. With no cell service.

My sister purchased a 520 on my recommendation and between the various missing features and low RAM that keeps you from running some apps is now switching to a different OS. I feel this will be a common occurrence.

Cyborg_X said,
This phone gives zero reason for people to upgrade.

From what? My co-worker has an oooold Android that's going out on her, slowly but surely. I'm hooking her up with my old Lumia 900 as a stop-gap, but one of these would be great foe her. She pretty much only calls and texts.

please explain what apps did not run with the 512MB memory, as far as I know pretty much all apps run just a few games do not. with 8.1 dev here and the final coming very soon for these devices, what features are you missing? If she need to run and play lots of games you should of recommended at least a mid range device and not a low cost budget phone.

a lot of Italians would not agree with you as this phone is already charting in that country in marketshare after a very very short period of time.