Lumia phones getting Nokia Collection Marketplace section

Nokia has been making their own Windows Phone-based apps for Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace. Now it appears that Nokia's Lumia smartphones are getting an entire section of the Windows Phone Marketplace devoted to those apps. The French web site reports that the section is being called the "Nokia Collection", although it appears some Lumia 800 phones see the app collection under the "Apps from Nokia" name,

At least five Nokia developed Windows Phone apps are a part of this bundled collection on the Marketplace: Nokia Maps, Contacts Transfer, WRC Live, TuneIn Radio, and App Highlights. Users of Lumia phones apparently don't have to do anything to get this sub-section of the Marketplace. The Nokia Collection should show up on their smartphones during the coming week.

It's unknown as to why Nokia would wait all this time after the launch of the Lumia 800 in November to gather up all of its Windows Phone apps and put them in one easy-to-find bundle on the Windows Phone Marketplace. Perhaps it's a precursor to Nokia's plans to launch its Lumia phones in the US starting with the Lumia 710. It's schedule to be launched in early January by T-Mobile.

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I don't know if Nokia Navigation app is good but in general voice activated navigation is a necessity for a smart phone to have it. That's I guess a huge selling point. iPhone doesn't have it. the only reason I have android now is because of that free navigation.

Operators get their own sections separate from phone manufacturers. Orange have had Orange Selects for about 7 months now. The Nokia section only just started rolling out, it'll eventually turn up on your device alongside the orange section.

TRC Bear said,
This is exactly the same as the other manufacturers (HTC, Samsung etc) section under windows phone marketplace.

Exactly, my Samsung Omnia W has a Samsung Zone section on the marketplace.

TRC Bear said,
This is exactly the same as the other manufacturers (HTC, Samsung etc) section under windows phone marketplace.

That's what I was thinking...

Nokia Maps, Contacts Transfer, and App Highlights came preinstalled so I guess they are there for people that uninstall the apps?

I don't get WRC Live though. I haven't installed it and won't. I have no interest in the sport.
Do Nokia sponsor a car or something? Surely it's not that big a sport for Nokia to just create an app for it?